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Welcome to Talkback: all users please read

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Welcome to Talkback - the friendliest forum on the internet.
We hope you'll find plenty to entertain and inspire you here. Dig around and you might even find an occasional thread about writing! We're a helpful bunch, so if you have any problems, just ask.

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• to view brief profiles of other users, click their names, eg the blue "Webbo" text at the start of my post

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• report post - hopefully the one you will need least. If you think a thread breaks the forum rules or is otherwise inappropriate, "Report post" lets us know about it

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• list your websites. The last entry field is for "custom information". Simply provide the type of information in the first box ["Label"], and the url in the second ["Value"]: eg, I would type "Website" in the first, and "http://www.writers-online.co.uk/" in the second
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• change your password
• tweak a few settings to customise how Talkback displays things

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More generic forum rules are here: http://talkback.writers-online.co.uk/comments.php?DiscussionID=76862

If you're new to writing, there is a world of good advice in this thread: http://talkback.writers-online.co.uk/comments.php?DiscussionID=162532


  • Ta-da! Long awaited, and obviously still a work in progress.
    Please make suggestions and improvements in comments, and I'll tidy it up as we go. When everybody's happy (!) I'll delete the comments and possibly close the thread.
  • Webbo, is there an easier way of getting one's photo on the profile, I find it rather difficult, tried everything imaginable. Thank u.

    Best wishes

  • Woll, I'm afraid there isn't really an easier way of doing it...
    The first step is to find, or put, a picture suitable on a website somewhere, or uploaded to an image hosting service, like ImageShack or Photobucket.
    Then enter the web address for your picture into the field on your profile.
  • [quote=Webbo]When everybody's happy (!)[/quote]

    And which part of Utopia do you come from? :D
  • Must be the happy part.
  • Where everybody smiles and hold hands and wears flowers in their hair?
  • Download Skitch. It used to be free but now costs 14 dollars or £10 a year. have a picture of yourself on the desktop. Open 'Skitch'. Use the 'snap' function and take a snap of your picture. Press the upload to the internet button. Cop and paste the address onto wherever you want the picture to appear. It takes about 2 minutes, if that.
  • photobucket is a good programme and free - if an idiot like me can use it, it's OK!
  • Photobucket is one for the useful websites thread.
  • For Francis.
  • cheeky monkey
    we all have to start somewhere
  • Hello is anyone there.
  • Is anyone where, francis?
  • If they are all there, they can't be here.
  • Have the stories for the " Create a baddy for a childrens book" thread been posted yet.
    If so where can they be read.

    Thank You.
  • Bringing this thread to the top as there seems to be a lot of new writers who've started a new one about themselves (which is good...) but not posted on this one (which is not so good ...) :)

    realise that Jay is doing catch up - we have been in touch Jay, but WELCOME BACK on here too - just it's a pity the thread that's designed for introducing ourselves is not getting used much.
  • Thanks, Lexia. I think it's the Welcome Writers category that newcomers should be using when starting a new discussion to say 'hello'. I don't think they're expected to add to this thread in which Webbo gives information to newcomers.
  • How do I put a link for a thread into another thread? I know TBers have done it but I can't remember, sorry.
  • Take the url from the top of your browser window and copy and paste it into the text box, so for this one, for example, I would be pasting: "http://talkback.writers-online.co.uk/comments.php?DiscussionID=162542&page=1#Item_21"
    To be on the super safe side, best then remove everything from that hash onwards (causes problems on pages of more than 50 comments) so you're left with "http://talkback.writers-online.co.uk/comments.php?DiscussionID=162542&page=1"
  • Carol, you refer to photobucket and I have just put my piccy there but how do get it from photobucket to TB? You make it sound simple but it is not.
  • Woll I'll check up the sequence for you and whisper in a private thread so you can find it easily.
  • For Woll: http://talkback.writers-online.co.uk/comments.php?DiscussionID=181647
  • tnx,i would like to express my disbelief on the issue of news corp
  • er... welcome to TB esteleydes !
    Not sure what you are disbelieving but I'm sure someone will enlighten us
  • [quote=Webbo]Abusive or bullying behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated.[/quote]

    Perhaps we could have confirmation from Webbo how it is dealt with? I'm particularly concerned about TBers hiding behind the veil of 'whispers' to try and intimidate and abuse.
  • I'd assume that you can report a post, even if it's a whisper.

    Baggy, if you or someone you know has been receiving abusive or intimidating whispers then report the post.
  • [quote=Carol]Baggy, if you or someone you know has been receiving abusive or intimidating whispers then report the post.

    I agree.

    Although, if it was me I would copy the whisper and make it public.

    As we all know, abusive or bullying behaviour of any kind tries to succeed where no one can see it and that's why I think any whispers that show somebody has been approached by another with a purpose to be abusive or intimidate, should be made public.
  • I would assume Webbo will decide the sanction based on the site rules, and how bad the abuse was.
  • Hello everyone

    I have made a few small posts to test the water and after reading the above
    I'll take my arrival here with care.
    I have been writing for my own pleasure for about two years and will enter
    the OWC at some time, I have enjoyed reading them and have left a few comments.
    Look forward to making some virtual friends.
  • Hi Maro.

    Why don't you start your own 'Hello' thread? More people will see that.

    Anyway, welcome to TB!
  • edited January 2013
    Hello Maro. Yes TN is right. If you start a thread to specifically introduce yourself, more people will answer and say hello. :)
  • Thankyou ladies.
  • I've just arrived, after a tip-off about an excellent writing competition. How do I start a new thread to introduce myself?
  • Hello and welcome.

    If you look at Webbo's post right at the top of this thread it tells you where to click to start a new discussion, on the box that comes up, use the drop down thread to choose welcome writers, click on it. Fill in the box and press submit- or whatever the box says. :) Your post will be posted.

    Then at the top of the page if you click all discussions it will bring you to the main board where you can see everything going on. :)
  • Found it, thank you. Persistence pays ;)
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