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The Day Came ...

edited July 2010 in - Writing Tales
... when I actually WON a WriteInvite competition! Yesterday, they announced it. And almost a year to the day since I last got shortlisted. Viv and Lou and SilentTony have already been there and done that, but it's my first time and since it's the only story I've entered for WriteInvite this year, I was very pleased to have flown the flag for TeamTB


  • Congrats Ceka! Brilliant!
  • Well deserved - congratulations.
  • Oh, brilliant ceka, congratulations!
  • Very good flag-flying, Ceka. Way to go.
  • wonderful!
  • And it's a great story, Ceka. Well done!
  • Big yay to the cekestress!!
  • Ceka - another success! Well done!!
  • Congratulations, Ceka! I'm thrilled for you!
  • Well done Ceka!
  • well done!
  • Yay for Ceka! :D
  • Brilliant news and well done Ceka. I'm so happy for you and to see that your perseverance has paid off at last.
  • You deserve to win, especially as you then go on and use your ideas in the paying markets, showing us all how it can be done. Congrats and enjoy your forty quid!
  • Well done, congratulations.
  • Whoo-hoo! Congratulations, Ceka!
    Do you have a link so we can read the story?
  • Brilliant Ceka, well done.
  • Tnank you, everyone. I'm not sure how to get a link on here - the site is called WriteInvite and if you google it, it'll take you there,
  • http://www.write-invite.com/write-on-site.php
  • Oh I like the metaphor of cutting to create the possible future rather cutting somebody else to continue the downward spiral.
  • Well done!
  • Congratulations, ceka! :)
  • thats great news! well done ceka
  • Congratulations!! well done, Ceka
  • Happy for you Ceka.
  • Hooray for Ceka! :-)
  • edited July 2010
    What prize did you win?
  • well done ceka, great news
  • Really enjoyed that, extremely strong story ceka.
  • Wonderful news, Ceka, well done.
  • Well done Ceka.
  • Very well done :) :) :) :) :) :)
  • [quote=Patricia Lesley]What prize did you win? [/quote]

  • Patricia Lesley - money. And very timely money too: I've just spent it on HKC3's vet bill, he's been a Very Sick Cat since last Wednesday. I thought I'd lost him on Saturday, but he's creeping back to life now. (That'll teach the little sod to eat HedgeRow Takeaways that have already been eaten and warmed up by some raptor or other)
    ANd I just sold yet another WriteInvite failure, this time to My Weekly.
    Try it, guys and gals, all your entries that don't make the grade with Rob might be expandable into paying-market stories
  • Blimey - well done, ceka! For Write Invite AND My Weekly!

    Hope HKC3's feeling a bit better today.
  • Congrats Ceka. As I've said all along, keep at it and eventually you'll get somewhere. :)

    I would have a go meself, but I don't have a paypal account. Yet.
  • oh Ceka, that's brilliant - congratulations.
  • Finally came back to this thread to read your story, Ceka and enjoyed it very much! So much in so few words - brilliant.
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