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Mslexia Issue 46

edited July 2010 in - Resources
Arghhh, just noticed this is out now and I have not finished reading the last issue. Hmmm... must do better.

Well for those interested, you can get the latest issue here: http://www.mslexia.co.uk/magazine/magazine.php


  • I always really enjoy Mslexia, it's a magazine that I dip into frequently over a period of time rather than just read it all in one go. What was it you don't like about it?
  • Cathbore, I gave up my sub. to Mslexia some years back, as I found it dreary, depressing and unhelpful, heavy on the literary don't-mean-much- stories and little to o advice for writers. For women? anyone could have read it. I told them to go away, politely. And I did tell them I found it dreary, depressing and unhelpful.
  • I love the item on serials, it certainly something to consider seriously I reckon
  • It's for birds only, totty writers, not for blokey-blokes, I won't be subscribing, gonna go hammer somefink. Bloody sexist magazines, equality me ring-thingy.
  • I tried to stop my prescription a year ago - it's still coming through
    Ah, yes, Freudian slip. SUBSCRIPTION.
    I'll tell them again that I've stopped paying and maybe they'll stop sending.
    ?Think you
  • Just cancel the direct debit with the bank Ceka.

    I love Mslexia. They had some great crime writing pieces this issue. Still reading it, unlike WM that I flicked through once, and was finished with it.

    I really should stop buying it.
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