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Write a Complaint Letter Monthly Comp

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Anyone feeling aggrieved? http://www.complaintletter.org.uk/writing-competition/ runs a monthly comp for the best complaint letter. Winner gets thirty quid. They also give advice on how to complain properly.

I found this after having a go at Tesco twice in the last two weeks. I hate confrontation but they really annoyed me.

You can leave now or read my rant below. If you respond, remember this is a public thread!!!


1. I was approached in the store by someone wearing what looked like the usual Tesco uniform who asked me if I had my store card. He then told me I could get 1000 points and after several minutes (I know I should have walked away but I'm too polite) I realised he was an Eon rep trying to get me to change my energy supplier. He didn't show me ID or anything and when I said I wasn't interested and started to walk away he said he didn't mean to offend me and that they'd send me the confirmation in writing and if I didn't want to continue I could phone them to cancel (note - at my expense). I never at any time accepted their quote. I was livid. I complained to the manager who had obviously had these people foisted on them and was really cross. I brewed on it for days until...

2. Needed to get some sugar for me tea (before anyone starts, I don't eat cakes, sweets, drink soda so a couple of spoonfuls in my cuppa in the morning is it on the sugar front. Apart from the wine - in the evening:)) I didn't have the car so needed to walk to our local Tesco Express (no other similar shops round here - Tesco and Spar have ousted them). Tesco Express didn't have sugar - a staple product. They had no green peppers, prawns or oranges - less staple but pretty standard. I went to buy a bottle of wine for with Sunday lunch and they were all more than twice the price of 'big' Tesco. What a rip off - I didn't buy any (went to the Spar instead!) I was unimpressed and saw on the receipt (for the overpriced things I had bought) it said 'How did we do?' HA!!! - I went to their website and told them exactly how they did. Funnily enought I haven't heard back. I must see if I can get hold of their customer charter.

And one last one. Number 3. I am not a huge Facebook user, but use it if I've had something published. On Saturday I wanted to upload some photos of my niece in her prom dress. But a month ago I got logged out during a session and haven't been able to log back in since - have reset my password several times, now I don't even get the email confirmation (it's not in my spam filter). I followed all their online help, cop-out advice - the usual - clear your cache, delete your browsing history, clear your cookies etc. No change. Others by now are reporting the same issues on Yahoo groups etc. I managed to find their support email address - was told to do exactly what I've already done. Now they're telling me it's all down to my browser - Internet Explorer 8 - and to swap to a different browser - just so I can access FB! I've told them it's obviously FB not my browser (tried accessing it on four different PCs/Laptops all using different browsers and platforms.) The problem is theirs. It is ridiculous - I hate being fobbed off. The argument continues.

Ho hum!!


  • I think this will get lots of entries...:)

    Re number 1, you can complain to the company involved as they have to conform to rules laid down by the regulator.
  • I wrote a complaint email to Lovefilm a couple of months ago when I was accosted in the street.

    Now the accosting bit I wasn't bothered about...I am already a member. When I told the rep this he asked which package I was on. But when I told him he said that they didn't have that package and bascially spoke to me as though I was either stupid or lying to him.

    I looked it up and I was correct about which package I had - so even though I didn't get his name I emailed Lovefilm and complained, not about Lovefilm themselves just their choice and training of reps. They were very nice about it - gave me some extra rental credits. They said they'd pass it on for further investigation - heard nothing since. But I haven't seen that particular rep since.
  • I love this idea !! Writing letters of complaint verified by a website - splendid stuff ! ;)
  • edited July 2010
    I might just complain about an electricity firm who stood at our door a couple of weeks ago, and asked if I was the bill payer! Excuse me, I know I turned 16 a month ago, but I wasn't aware I've aged THAT much.

    And dad didn't have a good time with them either.

    Thanks Lily, I'll have a look.

    Damn. I really should have aged a couple of years. Why is everything 18 years of age to enter nowadays? It was 16 when I was 15...Grr.
  • I entered this in April (see Shopping Mall Complaint). My complaint is still on the home page so I'm not sure how often this site is updated. Still, having a rant does make you feel better, but don't hold you breath about the prizes. :-)
  • (just tell a small fib probie - we won't tell ;) )
  • I'm far too honest to be doing THAT Lexia :)
  • Well I've sent my 'Dear NHS' letter with suitable suggestions for what they should do about it. Let's just wait and see.
  • Just do what I do with the electricity people now. One came the other week from Powergen, who I'd never go back to anyway, and they did the usual not taking no for an answer even though I told him I'd just sat down to eat. After telling me I couldn't know more than him even though I'd been on Uswitch and check supplier sites only a week before I had enough. I told him to hold on while I got the figures I'd printed out so he could check for me as obviously I was making a mistake.

    I left the front door open, went inside,sat down and ate my dinner. After a while he knocked I said hold on a min. Eventually I watched him walk away past the window looking very, very miffed. I do the same with cold callers now too.
  • Love that ST.
  • :)

    Amusing ST. That poor bloke.

    I wouldn't leave my front door open, to just anyone though.

    What annoys me about cold callers is, once you've poiltely refused whatever it is they're selling, they still say "well, can I leave you one of these" and hand me a leaflet. When I don't reach out to take it and say "no thanks", they seem baffled.
  • Do we need to post the angry letters here first, or just straight to the site? (I have probably been skim reading again and missed something lol)
  • Straight to the site. I am simply the messenger!
  • won't shoot ya then !
  • When I'm wrong I say I'm wrong. Got so hacked off with the FaceBook problem I tried ditching IE8 for Google Chrome. Worked instantly.

    FaceBook though, should acknowledge this incompatibility problem.
  • Snotty letters? Ooh, I love them. I'm sure 'sarcasm' should be a compulsory component. Whatever I send, I always keep a copy of to re-read and brighten the dullest of days.

    A friend of mine deals with her problems differently though... let me tell you of the time a boyfriend cheated on her - he found his open-top sports car had become a depository for horse manure...still makes me chuckle. To this day he has no idea who was responsible - she continued the relationship for a few more days then dumped him.
  • i've just entered a letter re my noisy holiday! I also like to write letters when I've received excellent service for something. Perhaps there should be a site for those.
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