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Anyone using Celtx Script Editor?

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Just started using it myself and it seems pretty cool, nice alternative to working with the rather dull looking WORD at any rate. Wondering though if any Talkbackers have some experience with this tool.


  • I worked with it all this year and a little before that. It's very simple to use and I love it! I'm doing scriptwriting at uni as one of my modules and it was one of the reccommended programs...
  • I haven't used it for a while because of problems with saving files. Is it any better now?
  • My son uses it for scripts and stuff - he seems to like it. Looks pretty useful as it does all the layout for you.
  • and you can save stuff as PDF really easily too... i've had no problems with file saving
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    Actually, scratch the earlier post. I was thinking of ywriter. Sorry!
  • After using it for a couple of weeks I can say that it's a program that has hidden depths. I'll try and write a full review later this month, but so far I am impressed. Did try Final Draft demo, but for some reason it kept using large amounts of CPU time (up to 80%) which dries up my laptop battery to fast to make it a practical laptop application. It's also very expensive, where as Celtx is free.
  • Yes, my son has used it a lot and hasn't noticed any problems.
  • I use it for scene writing. After Script Frenzy, which like NaNoWriMo I never finished, I realised writing dramatic scenes as a script is a great way to find depth to transfer to prose. The stuff I'm writing is very visual though and quite post modern in some ways so stripping it like that makes it clear to me.

    Any people here writing screenplays I urge you to read Story by Robert McKee if you haven't already. It has blown my mind. I bought it to find out about writing scripts but it can be applied to any form of fiction. It's the best book about story dynamics and the mechanics of writing I've read alongside How Fiction Works by James Wood.
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