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Could be interesting...

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for those wanting to promote their books:



  • thanks, may have to look further into that.
  • have a look at this, TBers, follow through the FAQs and see what their intention is, currently they are showcasing unpublished writers on the main page with published writers as 'guests' for a very short time. You could find some exposure here. Thanks, Louise!
  • Sounds interesting.
  • Thanks for this one! I'll have to have a deeper browse when I get time (too busy working late to write seriously!), but definitely worth following...
  • I've had a peruse at some of the authors on there, and read their work. I have to say I understand why they have not yet been snapped up by agents or publishers. Some of the pieces are dire. One tells and shows nothing. Another bounces between tenses (a big downfall with first person POV). One has the worst syntax I've seen in a while.

    This is an interesting site, but one hopes that they capitalise on the writing talent. Perhaps the talented lot on TB can set the standard...
  • edited November 2010
    we can but try ...

    edit: that also means good work will stand out!
  • Exactly Dorothy!
    This is a new site, and I think it'll be worth it to keep an eye on it.
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