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Ink Prices

What do you pay for your printer cartridges? Are you foolish enough to buy from PC World, Currys, Staples etc? I now buy my (genuine) HP catridges from Find My Supplies (www.findmysupplies.co.uk). I still use Cartridge World to fill old black cartridges, but think their colour not too good. Typical cost: 351xl (colour) £37/8 in stores, and £25 (inc postage) FMS. Are we being ripped off? you bet we are and no more so than buying a computer. Even Hewlett Packard(USA) is now made in China. I rest my case.


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    I buy inks for my Epson from 999Inks on line. I buy HP compatibles, (said this in a thread recently) from The Print Store, part of the Lymington Recycling Company, high capacity compatible cartridges that give me 14000 sheets. I don't think we are being ripped off with the prices we pay. The colour of the compatibles is excellent, as in I am printing books on a laser printer, often illustrated and they come out extremely clear and dark.

    My thread:
    (IT) compatible cartridges
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    Because we buy so many cartridges for both work and home I now go to a local company, you take your empty cartrdiges in and they fill them with ink for you, it only cost's between £8 to £10 each one.
    there are plenty of these stores around and they save you a fortune over the year.
  • For black ink I get XL HP cartridges via Amazon Marketplace as they are about the same price there as it is to buy a normal sized cartridge from Staples.

    I still get my colour cartridges via Amazon Marketplace however the XL colour cartridges aren't as big as the black ones and I don't use the colour as often anyway.

    But off the top of my head I can't remember how much they are! :rolleyes:
  • Having only recently heard you can get this stuff from Amazon, I received an order yesterday of an Epson original Black and Colour Multipack (TO615) for £23.83. Ordering the same thing from Epson is almost double this price I believe.
  • I ordered ink on the internet and now my hubby fills my cartridges for me. Much cheaper than buying new cartridges. He fills both the colour and the black.
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    Neil, for much the same price from 999inks you can get a complete set of inks for your Epson and two free blacks as well.
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    Thanks for that, Dorothy. I have just looked at the 999 site. But for what I bought via Amazon for £23.83 (TO615 Multipack for Epson Stylus DX4800 printer) 999Inks want £36.75. But thanks again for the info which I feel sure might be of interest to others.
  • I get my Epson cartridges either from Amazon, or 999 inks. I always check for the best price between a few online providers and Amazon; some months other providers are cheaper, the next time I look Amazon is.
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    I always use http://www.inkclub.com They are a swedish firm and are very 'green', which I like. Ink is good, too!
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