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Daily Mail novel competition October deadline

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Not sure if you've seen this, but the Daily Mail are running a yearly competition for unpublished novelists. You need to write the opening lines of a novel – between 50 and 150 words – introducing the word ‘set’. It could be a set expression, a set-to, setting off, or you can use it as an adjective, noun or verb.

The winner will receive £400 in book tokens and a place on an Arvon writing course worth about £500. The 5 runners-up will receive book tokens ranging from £150 to £300.

I'm having problems accessing this on their website, so incase you are too, the contact details and submission guidelines are:

Send your entry with your name, address, telephone number and email address on the same page, to arrive by Friday, October 29, to The Mail on Sunday Novel Competition, PO Box 150, Rochester, Kent ME1 9AG.

Hope it's of interest!


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    I'm not sure they put this on their website - think it's just published in the paper. There was mention of the current competition on the thread about the previous one.
  • Thanks Jay, been looking our for this one.
  • Jay, should I say that my submission is the opening extract from The Steinberg Diamonds? Or is it supposed to be from a novel not yet written?
  • Big woops here, sorry Michellez, I thought this was a thread by Jay! Please feel free to answer my questions though. :)
  • Don't think it matters, Marc.
  • No probs! I'm not entirely sure to be honest. I did have a website with more info on it, and thought I'd log back in today to look but can't access it, so that's the only info I have unfortunately. I'll try again later this afternoon and if I find something else I'll share...
  • There are very few rules, so I think you could submit something which had been published. Hmm, there's a thought.

    [quote=michellez]competition for unpublished novelists[/quote]

    Michelle, I can't see where it says it's for unpublished novelists/whatever.
  • Mines in the post now. I said it was the opening line of unpublished novel. The word 'set' was not in the original so I jsut added a line, seamless!
  • ... And so the scene was SET.

    Anyone can have that one on me.
  • Thanks. I'll set to work on my entry.
  • More info here http://www.writersnews.co.uk/writers_talkback/comments.php?DiscussionID=135142&page=2
  • Thanks Kateyanne! So much for me trying to be helpful, then couldn't find anything else!!

    Good luck all with your entries!
  • My entry is now in it's envelope ready to be posted tomorrow :)
  • Have decided to have a go , do have two chapters of a book complete , just need to slip the word SET in there somhow
  • best of luck!
  • Hi Have just posted my entry , managed to get` set `in to it quite easy. Does not hurt to have a go
  • you never know what will happen.
    let's hope it's a tber who wins :)
  • Ooooh thanks michellez.
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    The winner of the 2010-2011 competition appears in The Mail on Sunday, 28th August 2011, Review Section, page 12, along with details of the 2011-2012 competition.

    There is a new discussion for the 2011-2012 competition.
  • Forgot all about this, As I have not heard anything I have not won , never mind.
  • Thanks for the reminder Jay.
  • edited August 2011
    The Mail on Sunday Novel Competition 2010-2011:

    Winner: Marion Richards
    Runner-up: Edward James
    Third: Paula Greensted
    Equal Fourth: Marie Golding, Lynda Tavakoli and Alison Wilkins.

    Please see new discussion for 2011-2012's competition.
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