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At last my new book is here.

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Hello Everyone

After a long wait my latest book has arrived, well a couple of advance copies.

The thing was due to be published on 28 July, but without explanation it wasn't, Amazon had it for sale and a frantic web search showed east Surrey library and believe it or not a library in New Zealand having copies!! - But I hadn't seen it.

Anyhow, at last it is in my greasy mit and very nice it is too.

And just to top things off, my other publisher has asked for some new material to re-launch my first book, along with a whole new book about classic car exterior trim. I am going to be busy. Feels good though.

Regards Martin Thaddeus.


  • Brilliant and well done!
  • That's great, Martin. And wow, that sounds like two new book deals. What great news :) .
  • Wow! what genre is this? Does the plot take place inside a Vauxhall Victor? Is there something sinister taking place in a Viva? I can smell the leather and wallnut interior, or is that vinyl and plastic? :)
  • Well done! what is your book called?
  • That's very good news Thaddeus. Well done.
  • Congratulations! I think a bit of plugging is called for...
  • Congratulations ! Can you give us more info so we can look up your new book ?
  • brilliant news, Thaddeus!
  • Congratulations. That's great news.
  • Thank you everyone, here is a merciless plug;

    ~Welding - a practical guide to joining metal. Crowood press.£18.99. Anyone considering metalworking of any sort should consider it as a means of decide what welding method they should choose and to get a better than even chance of not setting fire to themselves.
    My other books are with Veloce and are aimed squarely at the classic car restorer.

    I am tinkering with a short story, but have more confidence with fact based writing.
  • Congratulations Martin.
  • Martin (or Thaddeus?), am I calling you by your surname? You know I don't mean to ;) .
  • Fantastic news - congratulations.
  • Congratulations to you!
  • Well done!
  • Congratulations - how exciting!
  • Congrats, I probably won't be investing in it as me and welding would probably equal skin grafts. You should now work up to a tv show though, I do love the A Car is Born, A Chopper is Born, etc series. Should aim for something like that to visually showcase your knowledge and talent.
  • Great news, Martin!
  • Well done on getting published again :)
    if i tried welding i'd prob end up burning the house down lol
    good luck with sales :)
  • Congratulations, and well done! :-)

    pp x
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