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Newbooks magazine

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Newbooks magazine - if you send for the 'special offer' you get a free book on the understanding that you write a review of it. The current review is due on October 20th, so maybe wait for the next one, unless you have the time to send for and then read the book.

Also, authors can send in a book to them for review.

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  • I sent them a copy of A Different Kind of Love. They didn't like it. Gay Times wrote a very nice review of it.
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  • Good heavens, this is a very old thread, TaM. Perhaps delete the whole thread? It can't be current.
  • Not my place to make arbitrary decisions about old threads, Liz. It will sink again soon enough.
  • I was thinking as it had been 'seen' by the spambots.
  • Possibly found because it has a link? 
  • Spambots - love that name - conjours up images of giant tins of questionable meet wandering about with arms outstretched muttering, "Spam, Spam, Spam, egg and chips." ( Monty Python spam sketch where the word spam has been taken from for all the useless stuff that lands in your inbox)
  • What is conjures up for me is the vision of our rubicund vicar (who later became the Dean at Wells Cathedral) on stage with our local theatre group, dressed as a piece of Spam - his arms out either side and tights-clad legs below, dancing and singing Spam, Spam to the tune of Olivia Newton John's 'Sam'. 
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