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Wannabe a Writer We've Heard of?

edited November 2010 in Writing
I can highly recommend Jane Wenham Jones' latest Wannabe book. This one tells how to promote yourself and your book, something that is alien to many of us. Lots of quotes from well known writers and celebrities - and me talking about book signings a Crufts. I'm extrememly grateful that the cartoon illustration depicting me and a queue of dogs waiting for their books to be sirned shows me as thin as a rake!


  • Well done, Writebag! (Did you need dogged determination?) I think her articles are interesting.
  • I loved her Wanna Be A Writer - although it's more relevant to the fiction gang.
  • Yeah, I need to get this. Last one was excellent. I follow her on Twitter and she's hilarious - as well highly informative, of course.

    Thanks - and congrats on being included, Writebag.
  • Well done on your inclusion writebag.
    I know a few people who've read the first one and said it is very good.
  • Congratulations on being included.
  • Oooh, looking forward to seeing that, well done writebag. Of course now you've said you are grateful for being shown as thin I'm imagining you built like a tank. Just keep quiet next time!
  • I loved the last one too! I don't know whether to buy this one yet as I am yet to be published! I follow her on Twitter and am Facebook friends, though she rarely ever goes on there!

    Well done Writebag for getting into her book! Will have to have a nosey just for that :D
  • congratulations!
  • enjoyed the last one, will check this one out - well done Writebag
  • @Liz I am - a large tank! With a book launch due in February for a charity anthology (Diamonds and Pearls) I am on a crusade to shed weight.
    Perhaps we should have a WN slimming thread? Or is there one and I've ignored it?

    I attended the book launch tonight in London and met Kate Fforde and other authors I have only seen the names of on book covers. Jane dragged me over and introduced me to Gaynor Davis (WW fiction editor) I was dumbstruck. There were many well known authors there and al were so charming and normal. I realised that I should be part of all this and must pull my finger out and work more on my fiction.

    One novelist who has had phenomenal success told me she wants to write childrens books. It made me wonder if us writers are ever happy with our lot?
  • Sounds like a great night! Well done!
  • Yes sounds fabulous! I bought both J W-Js books and have found them invaluable.
  • I think there was a thread on here about fitness and getting healthy but it was ages ago and it could just have been one that just developed into a diet/fitness thread.

    I too am built like a tank but used to be a rake (a very sad sate of affairs) and every day say I really must go on a diet/ stick to my diet/ get back on my diet. I am hoping that when I get to the stage of my hypnotherapy course where weight loss is required that it actually works. I have already volunteered a a willing victims for the group to practise on. You might not be surprised to know that there are actually a few of us in the queue.

    Well done Writebag.
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