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where do I search?

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writing a story for my university course. Need research on police procedure.
any pointers please


  • There are threads relating to the subject, try a few search terms.
    I'm sure some TBers will remember which ones they were.:)
  • and as always, do a google search and see if your local bobbies will give you info as well. ColB is a good Tber to ask
  • Come in ColB.....
  • If you put police procedures into a TB search for comments, you'll find various threads that might help - including one that suggests you "lose" a library book!
  • [quote=Jenny]including one that suggests you "lose" a library book! [/quote]

    Hehe, that was me!
    I only meant if you absolutely couldn’t find a copy and the library had one you really wanted. You’d still pay for it but have the book :)

    In all seriousness there are some very good books on police procedure in the library, mollym.
    Like Lolli says your local police might be more than happy to help with research queries, just make sure you don't ring 999 to talk to them :P
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    BR - just wondering what the police procedures might be for someone who "loses" a library book!! ;)
  • Twenty years hard labour using the dewey decimal system to classify all that boring police paperwork :P
  • Thanks to everyone for replies. You are a helpful lot. The library is usualy my first port of call but as this is a

    genre I have never tackled before, I did what I do best PANICK. Did think the police station a good idea ,99 was

    punched in before bored_robots comment brought me to my senses. All yesterday I GO OGGLED, my brain

    turning to mush. So, off to the library it is.
    thanks again, molly

    PS my ex is a retired policeman but rather not go there
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    Mollym - let us know how you get on.

    :) BR - the sentence might include exile!
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