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  • New platform for storytellers to publish text/ visual stories. Easy to publish, ability to interact with your audience, get feedback and has cool design ;) check it out! Cheers


  • I believe this thread is for contributing members of this forum - so thanks, but no thanks, Snow.
  • If you're interested in writing for Woman's magazines then you'll probably find this blog useful - http://womagwriter.blogspot.co.uk It has all the guidelines, There's also news about the magazines and advice from successful authors.
  • There's a message for me on here from Lou, but I can't read it because, only, the last three are visible. Help please.
  • Markets and advice for children's writers, plus clickable directories of children's publishers and agents free at my blog:

    Hello Lou,
    my query is not about the above quote. If poss., if you don't mind I'd like to know if you contributed to any of the Wyvern Press anthologies? I thought I saw your name linked with theirs some place on the web.

    Sorry Patricia just seen this! Yes I had a story in Fangtales, the vampire anthology.

    Here is Lou's post, Patricia (don't know why you weren't able to click on the previous page). :)
  • Thanks Claudia. Hey Webbo! Why am I only allowed to access the previous five messages? I'd like to see the message for me from Lou.
  • Excellent podcasts on book marketing http://www.novelmarketing.com/
  • Hi all

    I just want to let you all know about http://lifeofwriters.com/ it is a new site.

    Lifeofwriters is looking for new users and we hope you will join us. Go to LifeOfWriters.com to register for free and start networking with other writers today.
    LifeOfWriters.com is a new non-profit website dedicated to everyone with an interest in writing. We would like to welcome everyone interested in becoming a part of this new and exciting website. There are NO COSTS, NO HIDDEN FEES OR CHARGES, to be a member of LifeOfWriters.com

    To make Lifeofwriters even better, our blog offers interesting articles about the writing life. We will have guest writers and interviews with authors about their writing careers. This is all for the benefit of your writing life. The new site is up and running and we very much hope you will join the many new users.

    We are very proud of the new and improved LifeOfWriters and we are excited to welcome you.

    All the best,

    LifeOfWriters is also looking for a writer to be a part of the site. For more info email [email protected]

  • Fun cartoons about writing
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    I created a website http://www.StoryPlanner.com, because I often used template writing plans for character outlines, story structure, synopsis, and even composing cover letters to agents... So I put all these things in one place, with the ability to plan online.

    Hope the site might be useful to other writers. As it's new I welcome feedback and will add more plans suggested by writers who like that kind of thing. :)
  • And other one... www.uk-arts.org/writing . It's the Uk Creative Arts website, and they run a comp called Creativate National Writing Competition.
  • I can't seem to flag the above post, but I think it's spam.
  • I like https://pixabay.com/.

    It is an online catalogue of photo's, most are free for use, but some are editorial only. I use this site for my blog, as I am still pretty pants at photography.
  • I like https://pixabay.com/.

    It is an online catalogue of photos . . .
  • I like https://pixabay.com/.

    It is an online catalogue of photos . . .
    Excellent link. Many of those 'free' sites divert one to a fee or charge screen.

  • I like https://pixabay.com/.

    It is an online catalogue of photos . . .
    Excellent link. Many of those 'free' sites divert one to a fee or charge screen.

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    Hi Lou,
    have you ever received royalties from Wyvern?
  • It might be better to send Lou a PM. She's not guaranteed to come back to this thread, Patricia!
  • I've just posted the spring term 2017 programme of writing topics for our writers' group. If you run a writers' group and wish to use our ideas please feel free to copy. h
  • Autumn 2017- writing programme
    Codsall Writers' Group
    If you're involved with a writers' group you are welcome to copy ideas for writing topics from our website http://www.codsallwriters.weebly.com
  • Ditto the above 2 messages. Spring Term 2018 now ready for viewing/copying
  • Ditto the above 2 messages. Spring Term 2018 now ready for viewing/copying
    Just had a quick browse, Betsie.

    Lots of good ideas, as usual. I always provide a link to this site to my creative writing learners.

    Thanks also for the EWG comps mention.

  • Summer Term Programme available for viewing/copying
  • Autumn Term 2018 - programme up and running
  • I found this website through Twitter, you can upload a chapter of your WIP or a short story and receive feedback from total strangers (book lovers, reviewers etc.) The feedback covers a number of different aspects of your work, the title, subject, genre, writing style and it's saleability. https://www.bookboro.com/


  • Not sure if this is the correct place for this - but has anyone used this:
  • I have updated my website www.juliecround.co.uk and would be grateful for any views/comments.
  • Don't look behind your back Chase the light when the world is getting darker I have a dream where love's the only side So take my hand, join the army of the shadows....
  • Pfffft. On yer bike, lol. 

    I'm looking for interesting links. Betsie, you haven't posted a link for a while. 
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  • edited July 2020
    Thanks for your concern I may become bored during quarantine but being a writer I'd rather be on a day trip with Willy Wonker ...

    ... There is no life I know
    To compare with pure imagination ...

    PS - Where is Betsie?
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