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Who's in the February 2011 Writing Magazines due out 6th January '11?



  • What a horrible design! I can stain my magazine perfectly well myself, thank you!
  • my copies arrived but no chance to look at anything yet.
  • [quote=kado]Congratulations Sallyj and Daisy! [/quote]

    Just received my copy; congratulations to richt as well!
  • Daisy, your cover looked good!
    Congrats to all who are in the magazines.
    Thoughts, I do not like the two in one, it is too bulky and means a LOT of page turning for me as I am not interested in any of the market information. Diana Cambridge managed to annoy the hell out of me (she does every month) and most of the rest of it remains unread. Not seen much in the way of 'improvements' yet and the coffee stains are plain silly. Found at least one typo, and that's with not reading very much!!!!!!!! Make that two mistakes...
  • It's easy to yank the middle WN out, just give it a good tug!
  • Yes, I did that and it was fine.
    Just makes me feel really thick for not thinking of it myself!
  • I used to get Junior Education mag when I was teaching and there was always a middle section with wall display poster, which you had to tug to get out without tearing it. I think I am used to doing it.
  • thanks for the tip! But it would be better not to have to do it, come on, you mean bunch, go back to two magazines! Or combine them into one, this way is silly.
    I'll leave the magazine as it is, it will be on its way shortly to someone else, they can decide to pull it out if they wish. I don't keep any copies here.
    Sudden thought, since when has flash fiction been 3000 words???? (Kinglake Flash competition.)
  • Congrats to all , my copy still not arrived yet, but look forward to reading and looking at your work
  • edited January 2011
    The Damnation Books report looks good for you horror writers - you need a marketing plan to go with it but you could get in there. Take a look.

    Rich, lovely story!
    SallyJ, congrats, looks useful for a lot of people.
  • I tried to pull the WN out from the middle but it started to rip so I stopped.
  • Mine came out easy enough.

    Haven't noticed any coffee stains and doubt it would bother if I did.

    Hope none of you who are complaining went on the Nano site. There was a huge one there on the entrant's profile page.
  • the coffee stains re on the letters to the editor page, so did he put his coffee down?
    No, I didn't do nano, so didn't go there.
  • I've had a look now and, tbh, wouldn't have seen it if it hadn't been pointed out. Was it on purpose though or accidental?
  • edited January 2011
    [quote=Lou Treleaven]Did anyone else notice the fake tea/coffee stains on the letters page of WM? [/quote]

    They've been there for a few months now.

    congrats daisy, kateyanne, sallyj and RichT
  • My WM arrived yesterday, haven't read it yet. Congrats to those of you who have been published. Well done!
  • Congratulations sallyj, daisy, richt and kateyanne. Good to see so many TBers doing so well.
  • the coffee stains are as silly as the intrusive clock we had on the Writing Day page back when ... that disappeared, with luck, these will too. Not exactly professional!
  • still waiting for mine
  • [quote=dorothyd]the coffee stains are as silly[/quote]

    I agree. It's a bit like having this website with fake computer viruses flashing all over it!
  • well done again, Kateyanne.

    Lovely story, Richt
  • My copy has arrived at last. I found it very unwieldy and detached the WN section before I began to read - cutting my hand on one of the staples as I did so. I do hope this is a one off.
  • Real bloodstains on your copy, montholon!
  • For the first time ever mine has not arrived on time. I suppose I can't really complain. (taps fingers on desk impatiently)

    Well done Kateyanne, RichT (I've missed seeing you up there with the winners!), Daisy and Sallyj - I am looking forward to reading it all when it arrives. (more finger tapping)
  • No, on our duvet cover, unfortunately. Mr Montholon brought me the magazines with my morning tea. What a star that man is!
  • Oooh. Can you send him to my room at swanwick after he's brought you your morning cuppa? Please? Pretty Please?
  • edited January 2011
    What's this Lolli? Talkback's an equivalent of keys in an ashtray now?
  • Mine has still not arrived :(
  • mine either shall we contact them and find out whats happening, someone from my writing group has received hers , so it cant be an area thing.
  • Lolli, you've only got to ask! Roll on August!
  • you have my sympathies Mutley and Jenny, although mine has arrived on time, twice it hasn't done and it isn't nice is it when everyone else has got their's
  • Seems to go in cycles. I have a couple of months when it arrives early or on the expected delivery date, then I get a couple of months when it is consistently late...
  • Ive just bought my copy of WM from Tesco, and yes, the WN was inside the mag. I cancelled my subscription as I felt it was all getting a bit stale, but am loving the fresh new look and feel of the mag now - may just subscribe again!

    pp x
  • Bought my first ever Wm with WN fastened inside. Thought I had left it in the shop. Will be subscribing in future.
  • well done to richt
  • Congratulations Sallyj, RichT, Daisy and Kateyanne.
  • Congratulations to this month's successes, though I haven't seen your names myself yet, still waiting for the magazines. Can't complain though as I usually get them on time.
  • I'm feeling seriously deprived now. I want my magazines. :(
  • Still not had mine, decided to phone them on Saturday, a very nice lady looked me up on her computer, all ok, but nothing to say they had posted it, she was going to check (today ) with the correct department and phone me back with an explanation, as she said it should have been dispatched. We will see if they do get back to me, or if my copy turns up today.
  • mail is all over the place still, the Sorting Office staff told me this morning they are still clearing a backlog which has only just arrived. An order took a month to reach the States, and it's been like that with a load of other orders and letters, too. I had a huge heap this morning, mail, Amazon, ebay, all sorts.
    The magazines are out there somewhere!
  • A referal letter for one of my sons sent in late November, early December by the Senco at my sons school never arrived at all. I was ringing her this morning to find out if she'd heard anything and she hadn't. So she rang them and they have no record of it.
    So it has to be done again but instead of the short form it is now a long form so we are getting together next week to fill it in.
  • Well done richt.
  • Well done, Rich, Kateyanne, Sally and Daisy (and the Writing Magazine letter writer).
  • Just got these two mags as was bored in Sainsburys. Yes I did notice the stain! And Rich T, saw your face, knew i knew you! Congrats to all.

    Why does Diana Cambridge irritate you Dorothy? She lives nearish and invited a friend and me to her house once to the launch party of one of Crysse Morrison's books. Crysse Morrison being our ex-creative writing tutor. She was lovely!
  • I really enjoyed Crysse Morrison's pieces in WM.
  • She was a fab tutor. Very inspiring and very encouraging. The very first thing I wrote in my very first creative writing lesson, she said, you are a poet. I said I didn't want to be as poets never make any money. How prophetic. Of us both.
  • wish I knew why she irritates me. I think there is a touch of patronising going on and on a few occasions she has been wildly wrong with her answers. I feel sometimes the questioners need more basic advice than she gives, too.
  • They keep telling me that mine is on the way - but still not here. 'Webbo - oh Webbo, I feel deprived.' :(
  • Contact subscriptions again Mutley.
  • you've still not got it that's terrible.
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