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Who's in the February 2011 Writing Magazines due out 6th January '11?



  • You mean for a 4th time Carol :) - I last spoke to someone last Friday - so I am once again foolishly optimistic and keep rushing to meet the postman!
  • [quote=Mutley]keep rushing to meet the postman! [/quote]

    he'll be avoiding you soon Mutley, keep rushing at him like that you'll give him a complex
  • This time tell them as it hasn't turned up and the new month's is imminent, ask them to extend your subscription by a month to make up for the missing issue.
  • [quote=Mutley]They keep telling me that mine is on the way - but still not here. 'Webbo - oh Webbo, I feel deprived.[/quote]
    That really is terrible Mutley. Please could you send me all the details – I'm sorry if you'll be repeating what you've already told subs - and I'll do what I can.
  • mine have just arrived, the March ones. Mutley needs a big load of help here.
  • got mine as well today(March) much faster than last month
  • Hope mine will arrive tomorrow as I'm due this week's bulk postal delivery- rather than one or two items a day...
  • just got my March mags!
  • I've now started a new thread for the March magazines, Kateyanne. :)
  • Is someone trying to confuse me? :)
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