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Not really an intro and a review

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I'm not a new member - been shut out by cyber gremlins for a few weeks and couldn't retrieve my password. Thought it was maybe nature's way of telling me to get on with some work. I posted occasionally as Rivington and now I've just rejoined as Eddisbury. My novel Bunderlin got reviewed on the Spectator book blog and I wanted to tell someone :) Not quite sure what to make of the review but, what the heck, it's nice to get noticed by the lit establishment!
Rob Crompton


  • Welcome back, Rob, and congratulations on getting a review! Publicity, all of it, is good, no matter what!
  • [quote=dorothyd]Publicity, all of it, is good, no matter what[/quote]

    I don't think it's a bad review especially if you read any of his others, he appears to be a 'critic' in the true sense of the word. 'If I were a contemporary novelist...' rather gives it away for me. I think this blogging reviewer sees himself as a 'man who knows' he even has a faint pop at Howard Jacobson winning the Man Booker Prize...
    'And all in all, perhaps this year’s prize hasn’t been too badly awarded, because Jacobson has less to answer for than most. That is praise, by the way'

    Be proud you completed a novel and got it published, I think Mr Saunders rather wishes it was him!!

    Good luck with it Rob :) I much prefer this quote 'A delightful read, particularly for anyone with a love of the English language.'

    Well done
  • Thanks Dorothy and Lucy. And yes, Lucy, I think I agree with you about Saunders. When I knew that he was going to do the review I read others of his and gulped. But I'd much rather have this than the sort of effusive praise that some self-pubbed authors manage to attract on amazon within hours of their books going online. Can't imagine how they do it! :)
  • Good to see you again Rob and well done on the review. :)
  • Ah, there you are with a shiny new name.
    Well done with the review and best of luck with book sales. I agree with what's been said about getting a review that a reader can trust being at least more honest than some gushy mush.
  • Well done! Is there a link?
  • A link would be useful, please, Rob. Just did a search and can't find your Spectator review.

    Congrats, anyway, and wecome back.
  • It's here, folks: http://www.spectator.co.uk/books/blog/ You need to scroll down a bit.
  • I think it's great that he gave you such an in-depth review, and some really insightful comments. It's a mixed bag, but some praise as well and he obviously thought it was worth taking time and effort over. Well done!
  • Well done Rob/Rivington/Eddsibury. I think this should be your pen name.
  • I think that's a pretty decent review. It has certainly made me want to read the book. His main criticisms seem to concern style and structure - both highly subjective issues. A different reviewer might have seen it differently and perhaps praised you for your 'spare, understated prose'. Unless his comments resonate with your own feelings, I wouldn't worry about them too much. As Lou says, he's taken the time and trouble to read your book carefully and give a considered review. That's worth much more than careless, gushing, thoughtless praise. Well done.
  • Thanks for the link. I echo Lou and Rosalie's posts.
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