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Parodies Lost



  • Just added another poem
  • Kateyanne, whoever can administer the Parodies blog should be able to go into the postings list and delete it from there.
  • No it's OK, Carol I have already done that yesterday, thanks anyway.
  • Okay no problem.
    I only caught up on this thread this evening so notice your post was yesterday. :)
    (I logged off early last night as I had a book I wanted to read:))
  • Just posted my G&S parody about Nick Clegg.
  • Love it Marc. A sirens song to guide the Tory ship to the rocks hopefully lol.
  • Another gem. Here's the link:
  • And I've posted a translation of Jabberwocky

    I've also stated following several TBers blogs. Please return the favour and follow mine. Ta!
  • It's brilliant. I need to spend the rest of the day reading and then the rest of the week writing for it. Alas, if only I had that much spare time. I might come up with something though. I love it -well done all of you.
  • Mutley, you can do it. Go with Ozz, he said some wonderful things that could be parodied beautifully.
  • If any of you haven't started reading this site, you really must. It is brilliant. Well done to you all.
  • Another good one from our newest member, Neil:

  • Just read 'Albert' by Neil. It was very good indeed.
  • Just posted another Parody. Can someone edit the 'his' to 'him' for me, please.


  • Brilliant - loved these! Have just done a brief edit to get rid of the duplication of titles and add an extra tag to Neil's for the name of the play.
  • Got that FT. Thanks. Only just sussed the edit tag in the threads. Slow learner I'm afraid but getting there!
  • New post. I'm not sure if I put all the correct tags on it.

  • I really enjoyed it and so clever. Please continue (or any other TBer)
  • Tags are fine! Enjoyed that, paper!
  • Okay Lou, I know we all like a nice wedding, especially a royal one. It just so happens that in our world by no more than pure coincidence, we happen to have a royal wedding celebrated in the midst of a really nasty recession, when UK plc is skinter than it has been for generations. It's a happy coincidence and if nothing else, will cheer us all up.

    However, in Pooh and Piglet's alternative world, royal ceremonials are only held when money is needed. In our world we are lucky enough that there are a prince and his girl who want to get married whereas poor Pooh and Piglet are lacking the indispensible actors needed for their little scheme. However, we'll send our intrepid reporter on the ground, pbw, back to Christopher Robin's abode and see what she can sniff out about their future plans.
  • [quote=paperbackwriter]It's a happy coincidence and if nothing else, will cheer us all up. [/quote]

    Have to disagree here. Thousands of people in the public sector are being made the scapegoat for our financial situation. The government is using this as an excuse to push it's idiological agenda of privatisation of all public services. People are losing their jobs, pensions, homes, etc because of Gov policy. Are we then supposed to be 'cheered up' because two people from very privilaged backgrounds are getting married? Two people who will never know what it is like to struggle on a minimum wage or state benefit? We are constantly told there is no money to provide services for the public good yet we can find the £milllions it will cost for sercurity around this wedding. I'm sorry but choosing to stage such a lavish occasion, attended only by the rich and priviledged, in a recession is not a good move and many, though sadly not all, will see through this farce.

    Maybe Pooh and Piglet can set up a stand on the Mall selling union jacks to the poor, deceived people of this tired nation who will fall for this sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors trickery.
  • pbwpbw
    edited March 2011
    Sorry Marc - my sense of irony sometimes is so disguised that it looks as if I'm being sincere.

    I actually totally agree with you and I won't be watching a whole bunch of idle rich having a piss up.

    I'm at the wrong end of Gov. policy too, so I'm not in the mood for it either.

    A friend of mine plans to be out of the country, on holiday in a republican country somewhere, and return when the whole thing is over. (Cuba? just the ticket, I say). I would join her if I could but I can't afford it.

    Don't worry - Pooh and Piglet will have more to say on the matter - just you wait!
  • PBW, a writer after my own republican heart! I too wish i could spend the 'wedding' day in Cuba, been wanting to go there for years and nearly did this year. Castro was one of my socialist heros. Look forward to the next installment of the blog. Might add one of my own!

  • New post. I won't overdo it, promise but I have to write them down when the Muse strikes. In any case, P & P have gotta solve this cash crisis problem. They will continue to seek inspiration from our own dear politicians, although it may not help them very much. They haven't abandoned the wedding idea but it is back to the drawing board with that one. The first thing they need is breakfast.

  • New post.

  • Parodies Lost were awarded a Stylish Blogger Award, so someone might like to check out the comments for it.
  • Ooh! Perhaps the moderators would like to add the image?
  • You can get the image from the thread on my blog.
  • It needs to go on the sidebar really, rather than in a post. Whoever has access to 'Design' can do it.
  • Added! Sweet, man!
  • Looks terrif! 'Parodies Lost' is going places, people!
  • Looks good! :)
  • Loved the Games send up. great post.
  • a new one for PL

  • HELP!

    I cant remember how to put things on this site !
    I have something on there so I managed it before. I want to put something more on there and cant figure it out.
  • edited April 2013

    I remembered.

    Just posted a piece by my OH

    ' As Thyme goes Pie'

    labelled CASSABLANCA
  • http://parodieslost.blogspot.com/
  • Enjoyed that, Bill!
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