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Am sticking to my New Year Resolution

edited January 2011 in - Writing Tales
I am determined to keep to my one New Year Resolution and that was to write one short story per month. I completed one for January but it wasn't good enough for publication but am pleased to have at least made a start. I will continue with my plan with hope of success by the end of the year.
At the same time I have come up with a good idea for a YA novel so will be writing out the plan for it today. I want to use my skills that I got from a course 'Writing For Children' that I did a few years ago.
Got to keep myself on track!


  • Good stuff Alana and good luck with your resolution. As you say the story you have may not be 100% but it is a great start and starting is always the most troublesome part. You never know you may also find a use for it in the future.

    Good luck with the YA novel too.
  • It's a good idea to aim to write regularly. Good luck with the YA novel.
  • All the best with both projects.
  • Glad your resolution is on track.
  • Alana, re your resolution to send out one piece of writing a month. If you're finding it hard to complete a
    1,000-2,000 word story, there are some markets/comps that want short pieces of work eg 500 words. Just thought you may like to think about that if you're otherwise struggling with one submission month.

    Otherwise, great, glad to see you're keeping going well.
  • keep going, Alana!
  • Thanks everyone!
    Reading Writing Magazine monthly and keeping in touch with you by using Talkback gives me encouragement to keep on trying. I am very grateful for all your comments!
  • Keeping up with my work for UNI. Writing every day. And am on track. First time ever. I do pop in to you people every day, even if I don't interact I find you have interesting news and sites to visit. so thanks, and back to my work.
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