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PLR July 2009 - June 2010

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I've just received the PLR statement covering 1st July 2009 to 30th June 2010.

My books were borrowed 240 times!

The rate per loan was 6.25 pence, so I might blow it all on a cup of coffee and an apple Danish. :)


  • Will you have your snack in the library cafe?

    Hopefully those 240 people are eagerly waiting for your next book - and will each tell a friend about your work.
  • Better than no coffee and Apple Danish.
  • I got my statement yesterday. I've got three books registered with them. The children's book had only fifty loans, but my two non-fiction books were over four thousand between them! Wow!
  • My 'Low Tide, Lunan Bay' got over 500 borrows this year! Really surprised and chuffed.
  • It's a really nice surprise, isn't it?
    The children's book I've got registered with them went out of print years ago, so I suppose it's a miracle it's still around at all.
  • Lets hope there will still be enough library`s around for your books to be in , the way they seem to be wanting to close them, The Isle of Wight people are up in arms over it according to all our local news , And so should all of the country.
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    yes, mass protests going on, I mean, for an island this size they want to reduce us to TWO libraries!!!!! How stupid and short sighted is that???
    Not to mention that most essential of life's items, loos! They spend £100,000 on one eco loo and then close it???????????????????????????? All our Tourist Information Centres are to go ... we are a tourist based economy, hasn't anyone told our Council that???????????????????????????
  • There are none so blind as those that can see, idiots arn`t they Dorothy.
  • Where can I see this list ?
    (not that I am expecting to be on it , but sounds interesting reading )
  • This morning on our local news it was announced that the cuts in hours open for community libraries had been improved, instead of opening for 10 hours it would be 17 hours, but then the book buying budget has been halved, so you can guess where the extra money came from.
  • Lexia which list are you meaning?

    Writers who have registered their books for PLR get an individual statement each year which tells them how much they've got or not got from x number of lendings.
  • Oh

    I am not sure if I did this or not...

    It's in our local libraries and I had to send a copy to the British Library. Maybe this is something else.
  • You would know if you have registered for PLR Lexia, so as your book is in libraries locally get it registered before June.
    The web address for PLR is in the useful websites section.
  • Well done, Daisy and Rosalie.

    Yes, I've seen the bit about the Isle of Wight libraries on the news.
  • Well done to you too, Jay ;)

    There are so many libraries at risk of closure. It seems that before long it will be cities and very large towns that have libraries and absolutely nowhere else. Apart from anything else, it's terrible that so many people will lose their jobs.
  • if we lose all the TICs as well as libraries, the IOW unemployment black spot will get very much worse!
  • Now you are all trying to bamboozle me completely with your acronyms !

    PLR, TIC, IOW ????

  • Public Lending Rights.
    Tourist Information Centres.
    Isle of Wight.
  • Well the payback may be rubbish - but how wonderful to know your books have been borrowed 240 times! Congratulations!
  • I just wondered - does every book get the same rate per borrow?
  • Looks like it. What made you ask?
  • Sorry - didn't mean to be rude! It just occurred to me that there were a lot of very different books in the library - fiction, non-fiction, those by really well known writers, self published work for niche markets etc and I wondered if they were all treated the same.
  • as far as I know, they are.
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    "The rate per loan ... is 6.25 pence (6.29 pence last year)."
  • Yes it's the same rate whatever the book PM. Though you only get payment over a certain amount and of course your book has to be in the libraries being used for that year- so if your book is only going to be in a specific county because it is about a very local place or person you could have missed your time or it could be still to come...

    A few change each year, so you can look at which libraries are being used now and which will be in the 2011-2012 period.
    Though we don't know what changes there may be in future when PLR comes under a different body.
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