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February Femmes Fatales

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Throughout the month of February I will be showcasing dark fiction by women writers on my blog - The Feardom. Each day will feature fiction or poetry from a different author - though some authors will appear on more than one day.

All the writers are women whose writing I respect and who veer towards the dark side, all of whom received a personal invitation to submit. This includes a very special selection of TBers.

Tomorrow I have the day off to select the final twenty-eight days' entries. I am excited and daunted, as the quality is outstanding.

I'll be back with more news tomorrow - no doubt very late! More info at http://lilychildsfeardom.blogspot.com/2011/01/february-femmes-fatales-coming-soon.html


  • Sounds a great idea.
  • edited January 2011
    tis, and I am proud to be in there! (as in, I was invited and hope to be in the final selection!)
  • First bit of news is that I received 24 submissions from 13 authors.The entries are all superb, in different ways. And they will all be going in. I will make up the shortfall with three unpublished pieces, and one poem that I wrote for the OWC.

    That's all finalised. Not accepting any further subs. Now I've printed them all out, I am rereading and categorising them so that we get a mix across each week.

    I'll be back later with news on the TBers who are in - after I've emailed them with the dates their work will be appearing.
  • can't wait to read them all, good luck with it Lily
  • I have now emailed everyone - the full list of authors is on my blog at http://lilychildsfeardom.blogspot.com/2011/01/author-listing-february-femmes-fatales.html

    The lovely TBers taking part are:

    * Red
    * Dorothy
    * Lou Treleaven
    * Pixie
    * Little Wanda
    plus lil' ole me.

    I'll add to this thread every time aTBer's work is posted. I'm afraid mine will be first on the 4th - not through choice but trying to split out different styles and subject matter. Mine were slotted in last. The showcase proper starts on the 1st and runs for the whole month. Do visit, and comment if you like what you read.
  • Congratulations Red, Lou, Pixie, Little Wanda and Lily ... and thanks so much for including me!
  • I am very excited to be a femme fatale* and can't wait to read the other stories - especially the TBers of course!

    * Wafts off provocatively.
  • *visions of Lou wafting off provocatively get in the way of any more work this evening...*
  • Well done those TB'ers.
  • [quote=dorothyd]*visions of Lou wafting off provocatively get in the way of any more work this evening...* [/quote]

  • A big thanks to Lily for organising and hosting, and supporting us TB writers.
  • Only one more day to go! I have blogged about it at

  • Great post Lou, and thanks so much for recommending Dressing Up Box (blush).

    REALLY looking forward to kicking this off at midnight+1.
  • Sexist...it's for girls only, bah, we all know boys is betterer.
  • Perhaps there'll be a March Macho Men!
  • Ha! Yes, I might think about it later in the year. Depends whether the boys can behave themselves - or not.

    I've just scheduled the first FFF to go live at one minute past midnight.
  • The first February Femme Fatale is Canadian-born Susan May James with a rich Venetian tale of deceit, Shadows.


    Susan is a regular contributor to my weekly Prediction challenge. She lives in London.
  • TB's own lovely Lou Treleaven is today's (6th) February Femme Fatale. She's having 'Fun With Derek' - why not pop over for a read and give her lots of support and comments.

  • edited February 2011
    so I've been and I've read and I'm freaked out. I'm sitting here thinking, how in the name of heaven did I get chosen alongside people who write like this?

    Going out for coffee to muse on the goings on in the house and poor Derek. If you've not been there yet, go look! It'll knock your Sunday for six!
  • I love the gravestone at the end, Lily, it made me chuckle! And thanks for the lovely write up!

    [quote=dorothyd]so I've been and I've read and I'm freaked out. I'm sitting here thinking, how in the name of heaven did I get chosen alongside people who write like this?

    How can you think like that, Dorothy, you are brilliant and a published writer!
  • I loved the story Lou. Left a comment on site.
  • Inspired idea this, Lil. Really enjoying the series so far. Well done to all the participants. Off to read Lou's...
  • You're allowed to comment on them, Collette, even if you're a boy!
  • Oh damn should I have changed my name to Toni for the comment Lily?
  • Antoinette?

    Nah, you're awright.
  • [quote=LilyC]Antoinette?[/quote]

    Can't, I only use that one on Saturday nights!
  • Have read your story, Lou. Congratulations !
    The subject and genre is not for me but those who like it have enjoyed.
    Well done.
  • Tony, why reserve something that classy only for Saturday nights? What about Fridays too?
    And do you have a Sunday name?
  • Great story, Lou!
  • Excuse my ignorance, but how do you access the stories on Lily's blog, as I'd love to read them, though they're not my usual genre.
  • go down the right hand side to blog archive, click on 2011, they come up immediately. Enjoy, Verica, they are outstanding.
  • edited February 2011
    Ooh, sorry Verica - they're all categorised so if you go to http://lilychildsfeardom.blogspot.com/search/label/fff they're all there - so far.

    Another TB member tomorrow. Ssshhh! Don't tell.
  • What a lovely day I've had. I have logged on countless time to read the new comments which have been really kind and encouraging. Thank you, Lily, for making me feel like a real Femme Fatale!
  • You really are very welcome, Lou.

    If you subscribe to the comments by email (beneath the Post A Comment box) you'll get an email every time someone has something lovely to say. :)
  • Lil,
    I got distracted by the kids before, but just had a midnight feast on Lou's 'n' Red's stories - damn good stuff!
    Oh, 'n' I commented as Col, not Collette, since the weekend's over. :D
  • I've just read AJ's and Lou's stories, well done! Thankyou Lily!
  • Col :)

    Do visit The Feardom today. Red's story Driftwood began life as a disturbing 100-word drabble on one of my weekly Prediction challenges, and we all begged for more. Here it is - http://lilychildsfeardom.blogspot.com/2011/02/aj-humpage-is-todays-astonishing.html
  • Red, you are such a great writer. The descriptions are so vivid I felt I was really there. But glad I wasn't, in view of what happened!
  • [quote=Lou Treleaven]Perhaps there'll be a March Macho Men! [/quote]

    I'm up for MMM :P
  • I have to be honest; there is an enormous amount of work involved in hosting FFF. It takes several hours per entry to re-read the piece, create the graphic, get my introduction written, format the post then schedule it. I always prepare Tweets etc too. I am REALLY fortunate that out of the 19,000-odd words contributed by all the writers I only found a few typos - testament to how professional everyone has been.

    I'm sorry but at the moment I don't think I can promise a men's showcase - at least not this side of July - otherwise I don't think my family will ever speak to me again! There WILL however, definitely be a FFF 2012 - I'll just start sending out invitations in November/December instead of January! I also have some other ideas in mind...

    Thanks to everyone who has contributed and to those who are supporting the writers in this showcase; I know your comments mean a lot.
  • it's brilliant, Lily, all that hard work shows because it is SO professional and something to look forward to each day of what can be a dreary month. Exceptional idea created by an exceptional person.
  • Ooh blimey! Thanks chaps!
  • Our own Pixie is a Femme Fatale today with her poem Dead Girl Walking, which had its first outing right here on TB.

  • morning routine has changed, normally it is download the emails, throw out the spam, come to TB but now it's check out the February Femme Fatales..
    brilliant and deeply meaningful poem, this.
  • Thank you to those TBers who have had time to pop in, even if you haven't had time to comment.

    My second, previously unpublished FFF piece Truth and Lies has just gone live at http://lilychildsfeardom.blogspot.com/2011/02/may-i-dally-in-darkness-as-saturdays.html if you'd like a likkle lookie.
  • Pixie's second piece Sleeping Shadows is now up at http://lilychildsfeardom.blogspot.com/2011/02/something-wicked-comes-with-pixie.html. It's one of her best writes to date, IMHO.
  • I agree, Lily!
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