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Alight Here

edited February 2011 in - Writing Tales
My senryu has just been published on the London Underground's online project 'Alight Here.'

The website contains poetry and images inspired by each of London’s underground stations which should capture the essence of each stop. My senyru was inspired by a visit to London last summer with my two children to see Oliver the Musical.

If anyone fancies contributing, check out the website. The editor is hoping to publish a book showcasing the best entries at the end of the year. I'm sure some TBers might be interested in having a go.



  • Hi Seaview. I love your poem. I think I may have a go at this, thanks.
  • Well done, Seaview!
  • great senryu, Seaview, very meaningful. Hope it makes it into the book!
  • Well done! Fingers crossed for the book.
  • Well done Seaview.
  • What an interesting project! Congratulations on being on the website. I liked the last line!
  • Nice one seaview, I see what you did there, very clever. Good that Oliver musical wasn't it.
  • Congratulations - lovely stuff
  • Well done, Seaview - they used to publish poems in the tube carriages themselves years ago - will yours find its way there too?
  • Congrats Seaview !
  • Congratulations! I'm pleased for you.
  • nice one, Seaview
  • Many thanks, folks. :)

    Yes, Tony, I have always loved that musical. The first production I ever saw of Oliver was in the school where my father taught - I think I was about 8...my daughter had a small role in their school production last June so I told my kids we would to see it last year in London - but it was for me really! However, it must have a had an impact on them as they still talk about it and sing the songs (BTW, Russ Abbot was a fantastic Fegan)

    Dorothy and Jay, I'm not sure how they decide who goes into the book, but yes, it would be fantastic to feature in it as it will probably be a high quality tome, since a lot of the project involves photographs of the various stations.

    Ceka, I don't know if there is a link between Alight Now and Poems on the Underground - I just flipped over to the latter and see that amongst those being featured this season are Seamus Heaney, Thomas Hardy and Keats so I doubt it! Mind you, it is an interesting site and I ending up listening to audio versions of contemporary poets who have appeared on the tube which was great...so it's worth a visit if you have a spare minute http://www.britishcouncil.org/arts-literature-poems-on-the-underground.htm
  • Well done, Seaview. Sounds exciting!
  • This might help anyone thinking of entering:

  • Very useful, Jay! :)
  • Nicky over on Chapter79 has just informed me that my 'Baker Street Rap' is up on The Tube Project website now! I'd submitted it at the beginning of February but had heard nothing... :)

  • congratulations, Seaview!
  • Congratulations, Seaview!

    Thanks for letting us know; I might have a go at this.
  • well done :)
  • Well done Seaview, that was fun.
  • Congratulations, Seaview!
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