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Editors aren't so scary

edited February 2011 in - Writing Tales
I sometimes hear tales about how busy and abrupt editors can be. But today I had a good conversation with the editor of Wiltshire Life, and even got talking about holidays! I've yet to place an article in her magazine, but hope to eventually.


  • I've heard some of them are quite like real people.
  • I am an editor and I'm certainly not scary!
  • Ah, but you're very special, Stan.
  • So are you Posh?
  • What are you the editor of, Stan?
  • I editor a Christian magazine Grace (see www.gracemagazine.org.uk) as well being pastor of a Baptist Church.
  • I'm scary when people waste my time with totally unsuitable submissions, which shows they have done a blanket snow job of every publisher in existence without checking out what they really need ... we take 40,000 word books, the times we have been offered 150,000 word books is unbelievable and not in our genre, either. The latest was a thriller set in Hong Kong.
  • Just had a look, Stan. Very professional.
  • we would expect nothing more of Stan would we.
  • I'm not the webmaster! But we aim to be professional in producing Grace. Did you see my mug-shot?
  • Just found your mugshot, Stan. You look exactly as I expected (but even nicer!)
  • Lovely photo, Stan. In my experience editors are like any other person - some are lovely, others are not so. I have about a dozen editors that I work regularly for each month and I'm lucky that they are all nice people, but there have been some I've worked for who have been real pains in the bum. I think the more experience you get in approaching editors, the more you learn which ones will be easy to work with and which ones you are going to have a hard time with. As with every other person, editors have their own issues going on in their lives, which affects how they are feelling on a particular day, just like the rest of us, I guess.
  • [quote=Rosalie]You look exactly as I expected [/quote] Not to me you don't - I was expecting you to look more like Dougal from Father Ted.
  • Dougal the Magic Roundabout dog?! ;)
  • You look younger than I imagined Stan.
  • Hope it won't be too long before they take one of your articles, Denebebbo.
  • [quote=Stan2]Dougal the Magic Roundabout dog?! [/quote] Nah - this guy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhHXxJfNbc0
  • [quote=SusieM]You look younger than I imagined Stan. [/quote] I am 65 in September!
  • But 21 in August and October?
  • Precisely!
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