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If you have time please can you read my poem

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on the web site below and then email them some comments , nice ones of course, to [email protected]
My poem is called The Snowball and it's number ten on the download , page 12.



  • Have done. A lovely poem of child's experience of snow - I can feel the cold, and the crunchy snow.

    a short cut link to page 12 is
  • Thanks, Bill!
  • Done it - good luck
  • Thanks Betsie.
  • Have done!
  • Just done it too. Lovely poem - brought back memories to me, as well.
  • I should have pointed this out! doh.

    'The story or poem with the most positive comments will be awarded a Peoples’ Prize and, if you include your contact details, your name will also be entered into a prize draw. Please note that we can only accept one vote or comment per person/email address. '
  • I will certainly, but can it wait until tomorrow!
  • Ok thanks, Ceka. I need more votes.
  • Pushing this back up in the hope of more votes pretty please....
  • With a cherry on top? I'll have a look at the poem now.
  • Curses! School won't let me sent an Email. I'll do it when I get in. Promise. :-)
  • Thanks St Force! You could win a prize.
  • I have entered it again on a different email address. Good luck.
  • Thanks, Bill! Appreciate it.
  • Done !

    A lovely poem Kateyanne.
    It brings back memories of snow ball making as a child myself, and also of recent times with my grandchildren. It reminded me also of the annoyance you feel when the snowball is rolled in snow that's not very deep and you get grass bits all over it !
    The snowball in this poem is just ready to becone either a head or a body for a snowman !
  • Thanks Lexia.
  • I've posted a comment for you. Good luck!
  • A simple truth that we all cherish. Is there anyone who cannot relate to that?
  • edited March 2011
    I've e-mailed them, cocked up the address and re-emailed, I hope I've done it right this time, that was a lovely poem. I remember doing that with little wet mittens on!
  • lovely poem....loved the bit where she presses it to her lips and takes a bite...made me remember the taste....
  • As well as being about making a snowball the poem is also about life's experiences- a little girl at the start and at the end she is an old woman.
  • Yes, I got that. I was taken on a journey. Read and voted. Well done, it was a lovely poem. Wish I could write poetry, but never had the knack. :(
  • Just read it, Kateyanne. Will send a comment.
  • What are "dendrites"?
  • Crystals that form like branches of trees, like snowflakes and frost on a window pane.
  • Just got an email Kateyanne, saying they have entered me in the prize draw.
  • That's good hope you win!
  • Not sure what the prize is must go and check.
  • I also had an e-mail to say they'd put me in the Drawer too. I know about being On The Shelf, I spent enough years up there, but never been put In The Drawer befawer.
  • Here, why didn't they do that to me?
  • I got an email a day after I voted. Maybe vote again, Liz?
  • Ok, I sent a mail voting for Kateyannes with a comment. I received no acknowledgement or anything, so I've sent a mail asking why.
  • KJKJ
    edited March 2011
    [quote=Liz!]I received no acknowledgement or anything, so I've sent a mail asking why[/quote]
    It must be because I'm going to win the prize, Liz, so perhaps it isn't worth their efforts replying to anyone else :)
  • Oi! I'm down for winning I have you know!!! :D
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