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Daily Challenge - what have you seen today?

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working on the theory that writers need to be observant, people things and places, here's a daily challenge for you. See if you can come on here and leave a note of at least one outstanding/extraordinary/touching/offbeat/heartwarming/whatever thing you have seen during your day.

Today, for me, it is the baby in a buggy wearing a huge pair of sunglasses. He looked unbelievably cute!


  • Saw a lovely Thrush as I was driving to the beach with my dog. I think it was a song thrush. I haven't seen too many of those in this area.
  • A note from my six year old granddaughter that I didn't know she'd slipped into my handbag - two hearts with I love you, joined by kisses. It brought a tear to my eye.
  • I saw two Robins playing amongst the rose bushes. I was so glad my cat was fast asleep on the bed, or he would have caught them for his breakfast!
  • Susie, that's so adorable!
    Kado and Wilts, bird spotting!
  • extraordinary - I was astounded to switch on the news this afternoon to see British Forces in LIbya.

    How did that happen? Who decided it? Has nothing been learned?

  • Not so much a sight as a sound. Hanging out some washing there was a postive hum of activity from the bees enjoying a bit of sunshine on the spring flowers.
  • yes, good one, especially as I was discussing sound with the current author on the way home from lunch.
  • A baby squirrel hopping in the garden. My husband's head swathed in bandages after the reconstruction surgery on his face, post removal of three basal cell carcinomas. Not seen, but heard on the telephone from our grandson (two year old adopted by our daughter): 'I love you grandad; you're so soft and so cute.' That made him smile and feel better; me, too.
  • Watching a sparrow have a dust bath in the garden - including rolling on it's back - muct make sure you dust everywhere!
  • well for me , it was my husband giving our youngest grandson a hug , then crying with emotion, something he has not done for nearly two years.
  • My husband and I walked on Plymouth Hoe at lunchtime, brilliant sunshine, we had a cup of tea on the verandah of a cafe and stared out to sea. What caught my attention were two seagulls fighting in mid air, they were up close to each other pecking and screaming when suddenly (the word writers should never use) they both dropped into the sea like stones.
  • Our 6 month old kitten, Hendrix, discovered we have sheep in the field next to the garden. He was on the fence when an old ewe ambled along. He stalked her, tried in vain to work out what it was and even stood in front of her. For a horrible minute I thought he would jump up on top of her but the sheep just stared him out and then dismissed him. Wish I'd had my camera with me. He was one confused little cat :)
  • Cheeky boy!
  • [quote=Jenny]Cheeky boy! [/quote]

    Yes that just about sums him up ;)
  • A trio of ladybirds sitting in the sunshine, and enjoying the sage leaf.
  • red-lucy - Just thought of something ..

    If that had been a goat instead of a sheep, I could have said your kitten didn't have any respect for his elders and butters!!
  • [quote=Jenny]If that had been a goat instead of a sheep, I could have said your kitten didn't have any respect for his elders and butters!! [/quote]

    LOL :)
  • "Wot ewe looking at?"
  • Heartwarming: I saw the sunrise this morning (it was behind clouds) it was orange, mauve and a bit of red thrown in.
  • some lovely comments here, Jennymf, that was amazing and how cheering for you!
    the thing I saw this morning, on my way to work, was the flash-flash warning from a fellow lady driver to tell me there was a police speed trap down the hill ... when I go to lunch later, I may see more good things, who knows? Oh, that is apart from the delightful faces of the two Siamese cross cats here, especially Falataf who is shy and distrusting and coming to me more and more as I use a 'proper' name for her, not her silly soft toy name (Flopsy) which I am told she does not like!
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    A pair of badgers squabbling over peanuts on the patio. A bullfinch in full breeding plumage strutting around to impress his mate.
    An open boat emerging wraithlike from the sea mist around Bawden Rocks, the orange jackets of the two fisherman on board forming a bright, intrusive splash of colour against a blue-grey background.
    But it's mainly people and their behaviour that are of most interest and of most use to my writing. For example watching my step-son playing a skilful game of 'Yes, but...' when being bombarded with advice from his godmother who was too insensitive to realise that he didn't want or need advice, merely an opportunity to have a good moan about his flatmates.
    But all that was yesterday...
  • Female Blackbirds in the garden collecting bits for nesting, last year we had them nesting in the garden, not sure where they are this year.
  • I didn't see it but I heard a woodpecker.
  • A mix-up at the hospital, where two people with the same surname were given each other's appointments and the wrong one turned up!
    The sun shining on a magpie, who was trying to chase a pigeon in our garden, in order to have the sole possession of pieces of bread I had thrown out. A squirrel burying nuts in the garden and another with a worm (!), hiding behind a bush, every now and then dropping it and picking it up (the worm, not the bush).
  • A lovely flock of goldfinches this morning as I was on my way to the woods with my dog. For the first time this year the woods were alive with birdsong, spring is on the way.
  • Celandines. There are violets and daisies out, too, and the first of the dandelions.
  • And possibly bird's-eye (speedwell).
  • What have I seen today? Let me think...

    I saw a little boy chasing after an Ice cream truck. God knows why the boy thought he could catch it and why was the truck driving about anyway. It's not summer! It's not even spring, I still call this winter.
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    One of the cats sitting waiting for me at the end of the street and running to meet me as soon as he saw me. Oh and another one sitting in a patch of sunshine having a wash, she is so elegant.
  • My cat echo does that all the time. We often tease her by moving the curtain so the sunlight moves across the room. She even lays under a torch but I think that's because she wants to catch the light.
  • definitely spring, STF! All sorts of beautiful flowers out right now, no need for coats, doors wide open, heaters being turned off, First Day Of Spring was yesterday and it truly is Spring here!

    Today's sight, a toddler staggering around the fresh grass with a loving father watching over him. Sheer delight.
  • [quote=st force]why was the truck driving about anyway.[/quote]

    STF, Mr Whippy is ALWAYS at my park :) whatever the wevver
  • I was going to come back on here and say the ice cream guy in East Cowes comes around no matter the weather! I am pleased to say he has changed the jingle=jangle now from Teddy Bears' Picnic to something unidentifiable right now. Hope it lasts.
  • I saw a man on the beach in Brighton having a shower ( beach showers) with all his clothes on.
  • ha! there's one for a story!!!!
  • My Ice cream van man came around today. Tommy his name is but I've been calling him Tony for the last 11 years. I coundn't understand his welsh accent as a child and grew up think he was called Tony. I go to him almost everyday so I'm on of his regulars. Everyone at school knows him.

    On the way to the shops I saw one cat giving another cat a wash down. So sweet.
  • On Sunday when I rode out on the magical misty Moor I came across the wild Exmoor pony herd and, because I had worn my glasses (for the first time ever out riding!) I spotted that the stallion was with the mares this time ...
  • A couple of long tailed birds this afternoon. Their silhouettes flitting from one branch to another, up and down the tree like a game of snakes and ladders.
  • a beautiful spring day for a few seconds, when I surfaced from under the duvet, where i felt safe.
  • The wonderful daffs in my garden, the sunshine, the blue skies, and the tree outside my house full up with green leaves.
  • A magnolia and a flowering cherry.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IytNBm8WA1c&feature=related This may not count but it made my day.

    Echo just attacked a dead leaf and ended up walking into the door. D'oh!
  • A not-that-young woman walking around the shops in what I assume were leggings, but I've seen thicker tights.
    And she was clearly not wearing anything underneath them.
    And they were very close fitting.
  • whoo, Heather, what a sight!
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    Didn't anyone tell her?!!
  • I assumed she knew what she was wearing, Jenny, but I doubt she realised the effect from behind.
    She may as well have been naked.
  • Lots of rather nice men in uniforms, three fire trucks and four police cars worth. The fire even made it onto the local radio.
  • does that outdo Heather's sighting?????
  • [quote=dorothyd]does that outdo Heather's sighting????? [/quote]

    Probably not but as I think I would have wanted to poke my eyes out after what Heather saw I will stick to my rather nice men in uniform.
  • [quote=heather] in what I assume were leggings[/quote]

    I quite like leggings-and I'm not so young-however I always wear a longer top. I can never get my head around the number of women, of all shapes, sizes and ages, who wear leggings and never look in a mirrow before leaving the house. As Heather says they might as well be naked!! Leggings have their place, but PLEASE LOOK IN A MIRROR ;)
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