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Interview with Jane Wenham-Jones

edited March 2011 in - Writing Tales
Had a lovely interview with the fab Jane Wenham-Jones on Tuesday. I was extremely nervous but she was sooo nice!



  • OOh Emma, how lovely.

    Will you be including the interview on your blog soon (I've looked but couldn't see it), or am I not looking in the right place?

    Just noticed I also like five out of your seven music preferences. :)
  • Thanks dora. The interview will be for Essential Writers who I write for: http://essentialwriters.com/ and should be appearing on there soon. Once it is up I will put a link to it from my blog.

    Which are the five you like dora?
  • [quote=Emma B]Which are the five you like dora?[/quote]

    Had a quick peep at that link Emma, but not sure which five you're on about. Tell me more and I'll go search again.
  • [quote=dora]Just noticed I also like five out of your seven music preferences.[/quote]

    [quote=dora]but not sure which five you're on about.[/quote]

    dora - I think Emma is talking about which of her music preferences you like
  • Oh, Chippy, thanks :) sometimes I really do need it written out for me don't I?

    Well Emma, I can't say I don't like Dragonette or the other one, was it Sounds, as I've not heard them :)

    The ohter five are all favourites of mine, but I especially like Kings of Leon and go simply mad when I hear some Foo Fighters tracks . :)
  • Well done, Wolfie - I saw this and meant to read it last night and then got caught up with other things
    I'll go back in and read it tonight though
  • Well done Emma - it's interesting to hear how you handled the phone interview. Jane Wenham-Jones does sound like a lovely person and she's so funny. I have both her 'Wannabe' books and am always re-reading them.

    Don't forget to tell us when the interview is published. I'm really looking forward to it.
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