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Thanks to Mutley

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Thanks to Mutley I've got a letter printed in WF. I wrote in praise of her excellent article on Macros and my letter's been published. Brilliant Mutley a double success. I hope you get a series.


  • well done to both of you :)
  • congratulations to both!
  • fantastic, well done
  • yaaaay hurray for both of you
  • Well done, both.
  • Well done, my copy of WF has just come through the letter box.
  • Great news - well done both of you
  • I saw that letter, Casey!
    well done both you and Mutters.
    It's great seeing 'our' people in print!
  • My copy has just arrived - well done to you both.
  • Very well done to both of you, nothing like a bit of symbiotic writing! :)
  • Well done!
  • edited March 2011
    If it's not giving too much of the article away, what can be done with a macro? (Just realized I'm probably too late to buy the right edition of WF anyway.)
  • With a macro you can highlight overused words or phrases. e.g. quite, like, nice, almost, nearly, very, that, was and whatever other words you use when a better word could be used instead. We all have them don't we?
  • Is that the only macro there is? Microsoft does find and search & replace - if you know what words to look for. :)

    And you must remember to put the option Match Case. It used to be done automatically, but it's not now. I got caught out when I did a search & replace on Rob - it change wardROBe, pROBably and pROBlem, too!
  • You can do almost anything with a macro - any string of commands that you would normally put in long hand. It is a way to speed up the process and cut out routines.
  • Any specific examples? Perhaps I just don't use lots of commands. Only very occasionally when trying to copy several documents onto one single one.
  • Supposing you wanted at intervals to change an A4 document to A5 and when you did that you would want to change the font to 10 point instead of 12 and maybe justify instead of left align - you could write a macro to do all that at the click of one button. Anything really.
  • Thanks, Mutley. I know who to come to when I'm stuck!
  • Congrats, Mutley.
  • i still dont get what a macro is, but well done to both of you!
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