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Nominated for Best Web Story 2011 in Spinetingler Awards

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I was very pleasantly shocked to find that my murderous tale Carpaccio, which was published on Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers last year (thanks Col!) has been nominated for the 2011 Spinetingler Award for Best Short Story on the Web.

This nomination comes from the highly respected Spinetingler Magazine, so to say I'm honoured is an understatement.

There are ten nominees, I know several of the extraordinary authors and look forward to reading their stories as well as those of the authors who are new to me.

Voting begins next week - I'll post an update when I know more but here's the announcement in the meantime:



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    Congratulations! I love the title too - really starts making you think before even reading the story...off to read it now!

    Wow. For some reason it made me think about the Wasp Factory by Iain Banks - a chilling and fascinating read! Good luck with it!
  • Great news! Good luck.
  • That's brilliant well done!
  • it's a superb story, Lily, not surprised it got nominated. Good one! many congratulations!
  • brilliant!
    must make time to read more.
  • Wonderful news, Lily - very well done!
  • Not a surprise to the rest of us, Child Lily!
    well done
  • Well done Lily, that is brilliant news.
  • Goodness, thanks everyone. Your words mean a lot.

    Sagesse; the Wasp Factory is one of my favourite novels so I am really touched - thank you.
  • Congratulations. You are an extremely dedicated and painstaking writer and you deserve the recognition .
  • Already congratulated you earlier but nothing wrong with a double high five. (is that a high ten?)

    Anyway so chuffed for you and a little jealous too as I love Spinetingler and they rejected a story I sent a couple of months ago. Fingers crossed for you Lily and really,really hope you do well.
  • Just read it. I feel sick.

    (You can take that as a compliment!)
  • great story Lily - well done
  • Just done a post about it, Lily :)

  • Oh wow Stephen - thank you!
  • *cough* Steven *cough* :D
    Sorry, old habits and all that.
  • well done that is great news!!!
  • Well done Lily, keep every thing crossed for winning
  • [quote=bored_robots]Steven[/quote] Oh God, I've done it again - I think I subconsciously aw the 'h' in Chapman and it slipped into my writing. I'm very sorry - people are always spelling my (real) name wrong; I should know better (and I swear I checked). Thank you still though - forgiven?
  • Great news! Another thread for me to 'bookmark' for later. :)
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    Okay I am off to read it now.

    "braces self"

    If I don't return, send out a search party please.

    Edited to say: this is a great read Lily. Alan's casual manner about what's going on allows for some amusing obseravations eg "his own nuts", and "behind someone else's beans." It's gripping and worthy to win.

    Good luck with it.
  • Well done, Lily.
  • I really do appreciate everyone's support, and thank you so much to those who've read Carpaccio even if you're not horror fans.
  • Wow. Great story - I know fairground goldfish never live long but didn't realise why :-)
  • Mine lived for years. But then, I kept it away from Lily...
  • Congratulations, Lily, and good luck ;)
  • Well done Lily and goodluck!
  • Lil,
    You know I'm not surprised about this nomination, since I chose Carpaccio in my top five of 2010.
    I'm rooting for you to take the title, but just being on the coveted list is massive for yer CV.

    Nonetheless, am still a bit peeved that 'Colin the goldfish' got flushed down the toilet! :(
  • [quote=Col B]am still a bit peeved that 'Colin the goldfish' got flushed down the toilet![/quote]
    Oh hun, I know. But Colin the goldfish was inspired by another - far less talented creature than thee (sorry - am in historical mode).

    I shall write the tale of Sir Colin, Knight of Crime - hero of the literary underworld and heir to the six-figure Holy Grail. Am I forgiven?

    Seriously, thank you. I appreciate it more than words can say. It's less noir-driven than the others, and there are three I am in total awe of so don't know what chance it stands, but I am dead excited just to be nominated. As others would say - squeee!!
  • Spinetingler Awards - Voting Now Open!!

    I am still stunned that my mean little tale Carpaccio has been nominated in the coveted Best Short Story on the Web category for the 2011 Spinetingler Awards. I've read each and every one of the other nine in the nomination list and they are all - without exception - excellent.

    I've voted for my favourite (not telling - and no - I didn't vote for myself|). And now you have your chance to vote for your favourite at:


    Simply choose one per category (you don't have to vote on all categories). Note: you can only vote once as the site remembers your IP address.

    So please do support the writers and the sites that have hosted the stories by voting now! Thank you.
  • I've voted. Like the covers one, the choice was hard to make on them.
  • How long do we have Lily, until voting shuts?
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    I couldn't tell, Dora - it says winners will be announced on May 1st. When I've finished work today I'll ask. The Editor Brian Lindemuth doesn't seem to be sleeping at the moment so I think I can ask any time!
  • Closing date's 30th April Dora. The Ed's currenty doing a running commentary on Twitter re: results, as in "Tied again for Best Short Story on the web. It's a dog fight." Talk about nail-biting - can't imagine he'll keep it up all month, as it were.
  • Well done, Lily!
  • edited April 2011
    [quote=LilyC]can't imagine he'll keep it up all month[/quote]

    I doubt it, if he's not sleeping either.
  • Loved the story, Lily. Not suprised it's been selected!
  • wow amazing :)
    Well done and fingers crossed for you :)
  • Brilliant! Well done, Lily, this is so good to hear.
  • I loved the story, Lily - I hope you win.
  • Thank you so much to everyone who has read and voted so far. I appreciate it beyond words.
  • I voted on the first day it was open. I have to say it's easy to support each other on here, I know because I've had it myself to a much lesser degree, but there was only one way to go in this instance. However this was difficult. I mean because the stories selected and the writers themselves are a class above. I did go for Lily though and there are others on that list I have a connection with,but her's was, in simple terms, the best.

    I know for a fact one day I'll be recommending this brilliant woman to friends as part of their books to read list. I can't wait to see it myself. That may sound a bit over the top I know but she's the only person I read who makes me jealous. I know I can do as good as some and more often they can do better than me, but most of the time it equals out at least a bit if I have enough nerve to convince myself I'm ok. With Lily I actually read her and have to push myself.

    God I hate that woman.

    But good luck all the same. Everything crossed.
  • [quote=SilentTony]God I hate that woman.[/quote]
    Wow, thanks Tony; that's the highest compliment. Damn you - I have a tear in my many eyes and will have to retreat to my bed.
  • Good luck Lily. Have fingers crossed for you.
  • Well, it didn't win but thank you to everyone who voted; I really do appreciate it.

    The nomination also brought further attention to ColB's Thrillers Killers 'n' Chillers where the story was originally posted which is no bad thing.

    The winning story was the brilliant Times Past by Matthew C. Funk http://all-due-respect.blogspot.com/2010/12/issue-6-december-2010.html Matt truly is a talented writer - I've read a fair few of his crime pieces and he has a unique voice.

    I'm still mightily chuffed to have been nominated and for my story to have been in such good company.
  • Sorry you didn't win Lily, but you were clearly worthy to be in the running.
  • Commiserations Lily but as you say just by being nominated in these things bring their own rewards.

    One more step up the ladder anyway.
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