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Runner up in Cats Protection League writing competition!

Just had an email to say my poem Who Killed King Rat? is runner up in the Cats Protection League writing competition! I win a dictionary and my poem will be published in The Cat magazine in August - and they're going to send me some complimentary copies!

My poem is a true story about how my little kitten deposited a massive dead rat in my bedroom.

Very pleased as I'm just recovering from a horrible migraine so this has pepped me up no end.


  • Well done Lou.
    Hope the migraine eases up soon.
  • Yes, it's a lot better thank you. The side of my face was really hurting yesterday!
  • Great mews, Lou!!

    That was a genuine typo, but as it's purrtinent (that one was on purrpose!), I thought I'd leave it! (I blame the puns thread!)
  • yaaaayeeeee for Lou

    that IS great news Lou

    aww, puddy tats do have some use in life then :)
  • Moggynificent!
  • Congratulations, Lou! Glad you're feeling a bit better.
  • That's great well done, Lou!
  • Well done, congratulations.
  • Well done, Lou. Hope you feel better soon.
  • Well done - Hope you soon feel like the cat that got the cream. :-)
  • Well done, Lou; what a great pick me up!
  • brilliant news, Lou, and obviously just what you needed, too!
  • Well done, Lou!
  • well done
  • well done Lou
  • Aw, congratulations Lou - that's great news. My 13 year-old niece entered a story; very proud of her for having a go.
  • Congrats Lou!
  • Oh, well DONE, Lou! Let us know when it comes out
    (I entered that a few years ago, didn't get anywhere, but the story sold on to PeepsAmigo)

    Cracker! Result!
  • Well done-and hope the migraine disappears soon. We got our lovely Hendrix from CPL, they are well worth supporting so he says 'purrfect result Lou' ;)
  • Congratulations Lou!
  • Well done, Lou!
  • Thanks everyone - I can't wait till the mag comes out and I can see my poem.

    My cat is asleep in the TV cabinet, oblivious to his impending fame!
  • Congratulations, Lou.
  • Brilliant news, Lou - well done! :)
  • nice one :)
  • Well done, Lou, to you and your little cat!
  • Lou - does your cat get a prize too? :)
  • He should do really, shouldn't he, Jenny? Mind you, he did catch himself a pigeon the other day so perhaps he was rewarding himself!
  • That's brilliant Lou. A comp like that would have got tons of entries.

    Hope your migraine goes away soon. My OH gets them and the pain is relentless. Can quite understand why Edgar Allen Poe used to bury his head in the snow when he had one.
  • [quote=Jenthom72]Edgar Allen Poe used to bury his head in the snow[/quote]

    That's a good one! I did almost do that one winter, putting snow on my forehead. It definitely helped numb the pain!
  • edited April 2011
    That reminds me -

    A few years ago a friend had a lot of pain because she had shingles on her head, so I looked for advice on the internet. The following suggestion helped to ease it and I wonder whether it would work for migraines too.

    I don't know whether this is the site I looked at, but the advice is the same:

    "The first and most basic is to apply cool or cold wet dressings to the affected area. Wet a washcloth or towel, wring it out, and then gently press it to the lesions. Some people put the cloth into the freezer for a while after wetting it to make it colder."

  • Here's the website link for the competition results:

  • well done Lou.
  • I buy Kool strips for the same reason, Jenny, they work without the water running down my face!
  • My dictionary arrived and it is enormous! I don't have a bookcase big enough for it! I also got a book of word origins (a bit smaller) and a nice letter explaining why they liked my poem. Well chuffed!

    Unfortunately I couldn't get to the door when the books were delivered so I had to carry them back from the post office on foot. My right arm is now longer than my left.
  • Worth waiting for!
  • Wow, I love enormous dictionaries, i have one 4ft bookcase full of them! Well, a few other reference books too. I just luuuuurve them! Which publisher?
  • You can never have too many dictionaries. It can be fun comparing definitions, too. Congratulations.
  • Well done Lou. I had a go and may have an attempt next year. Are you by any chance a member of CP? We have three, a Burmese who had to have all her remaining few teeth earlier this year as they were rotten and causing a lot of trouble. In fact for about ten days or more, we had to feed her like a baby. Now there is no problem and she is quite lively. Our other two are a pure bred Bengal called Mystery who lost all her kittens before we had her. She was rescued from an awful couple who regarded her as troublesome, the third was more or less neglected, scrawny skin and bones. A lovely girl called Kitty rescued it from her cousin who married into money and left the animal to more or less fend for itself, when we got her, she was called Puffin but that was changed to Pushkinia [means little flower] If you saw her now, she is a big flower.
  • Your cats sound lovely, Woll. No, I'm not a member, but I have rescued cats in the past and I do like to support CP. My rescued cat came from Cat Action Trust - or CAT for short!

    It's Oxford, Liz. Wow, I bet that bookcase is heavy. Hope it doesn't topple over - look out!
  • Aw, congrats again Lou. Let us know when the Summer Magazine is out. My own cat is now nudging my netbook and attempting to eat my wires so she obviously approved.
  • Actually I'm more worried about the three 8ft tall bookcases in the same room, which are each two deep in books.
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