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edited April 2011 in - Writing Tales
When I used to research for writing I used to write nearly a whole folder on the subject which is a real laugh.
I am thankful that in the March 2011 Writing Magazine it had an article on research and now I know what to look for and cut down the notes. At present I am researching Angels and and are now only writing out answers to questions on what I only really need to know - what I should have been doing in the beginning years ago!!!
It goes to show you learn something new everyday!
Alana X


  • 'A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.'

    If we just research the answers to a few particular questions, I think we're more likely to make mistakes.
  • I agree, PM. That article was a tad misleading. I have 3 very fat lever folders crammed with information on Earl Rivers, (my hero) just to write one book on his life. 3/4 of that won't be used but like an iceberg, what is underneath is as important as that which shows on top. You need solid research foundations on which to build.
  • You often need more information than the obvious answers to the questions, even if you don't use it in the end you still need to know it to put things in context often.
  • i must admit i've got boxes of research some of which i will prob never use but i'd rather have it all just in case i ever need it.
    you never know when it could come in useful
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