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Chloe signing in Waterstones Coventry, Sat 21st May 10:30-12:30

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I'll be signing copies of 'Coping with Chloe', giving a reading and who knows what else will happen (there'll be things, I hope, to eat and drink...) in Waterstones, Smithford Way, Coventry town centre, on Saturday 21st May from 10:30-12:30 in the morning.

Would be fantastic to see some Talkbackers there, so if you're within reach of Coventry and have a free Saturday morning, please come along and join the fun!

Anyone who'd like a map, directions etc, let me know.


  • good luck with it, Rosalie!
  • hope it goes brilliantly for you :)
  • Good luck. I hope you sell loads of books and have a great time doing it.
  • Too far for me at the moment but the very best of luck with it.
  • Good luck, hope you get lots of interest!
  • Wish I could go but too far for me. Hope it goes well, Rosalie.
    Can't you come down to Sussex to do a signing? :)
  • Hehe - wouldn't mind, Kateyanne, if you could get your bookshop to invite me :)
  • Good luck with the signing - let us know how you get on!
  • Oh I'd just love to go - but ... Coventry? Isn't that where folk have to go when nobody will speak to them? Do hope your signing ain't like that, Rosalie! Good luck and enjoy and come back to tell us how it went.
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    Yes, people are sent to Coventry, but they always receive a warm welcome when they get here! :)

    Will indeed report back. Am hoping for a livelier event than my previous signings - well, one of them, in particular, where the number of books bought was actually in negative figures (I sneakily bought one myself, just so I wouldn't look like a complete fool in the eyes of the manager!)
  • Good luck,Rosalie. Hope you have a lovely day and sell loads of books. Promote the event EVERYWHERE !
  • Doing my best! :) Twittery people, I will be tweeting nearer the time, so if you could RT my tweets, that would be great!
  • Good luck, Rosalie. Unfortunately, too far away for me.
  • Good luck, Rosalie!
  • Wish I could come! Hope you have a great time and sell lots of books! Afterwards, please tell us how it went won't you?
  • Hope it goes well Rosalie.
  • Good luck, Rosalie. Advertise your event loads. Any chance of local radio a few days before, or local press?
  • Hope it goes well for you Rosalie.
  • I'm sure you'll be great Rosalie.
  • Best of luck! Take a camera. Tell the press.
  • Hope it all goes well, Rosalie - too far away for me, but I wish you all the best for a good day.
  • I wish I could be there. It's a great book. Good luck.
  • Best of luck for the 21st!
  • Yes, all the best for the signing Rosalie.
  • Thank you. Preparations are afoot for 21st May! Waterstones now has a lovely big showcard in the window, created by my publishers from a design I sent them. And they have a prominent display of my book near the front of the shop, and more copies turned face-out in the YA section.

    I'm thinking of providing small bowls of sweets on my table (Waterstones have said I can), and maybe some grapes and dried fruit to give a healthy option, too. And we are thinking of doing some free 'Chloe' pens, to give away to people who buy signed copies on the day.

    Any further ideas welcome! There's also a joint library event coming up, with another Coventry children's author - will let you know more when things are finalised.
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    This sounds great, Rosalie. Wish I could be there. Hope you're rushed off your feet on the day!
  • I'll be thinking of you on Saturday 21st - it sounds really good.
  • I'm sure it will do well.
  • Free pens! Well, that makes all the difference! :D

    This TB'er (with family) will support you but we're not prepared to be roadies.
    I'm a typical Brit and know how to queue, especially for autographs. ;)

    See you on Saturday,
  • That's brilliant, Carl (and glad the free pens offer worked :) )

    Thanks for the support - will look out for you and family!
  • I am now up in Yorkshire, as my dad is ill in hosp. He is not in danger thank goodness, and I'm determined to be in Coventry on Sat for my signing. But preparations a bit tricky from 110 miles away. Wish me luck!
  • Hope your dad is okay, Rosalie.
  • Oh, Rosalie. I hope things will work out ok and that your dad will recover soon.
  • Oh Rosalie, good luck. (whereabouts in Yorkshire are you?- south I'm guessing from the distance to Coventry)
  • All the best Rosalie on both your Dad and the signing.
  • I'm in Pontefract, Mutley, 13 miles from Leeds. Dad is in hosp 11 miles from here. Just heard he may be discharged today. Good news in a way, though tricky for the signing. But I will be there!
  • I hope he's ok and you get it all sorted. Shame I'm not nearer.
  • Thanks- wish you were!
  • I am so exited for you! I hope it all goes well.
  • Hope everything goes well. I'm about two miles from Pontefract so a little wave of support for the weekend.
  • Very best of luck for Saturday, Rosalie.
  • I'm now home again - for the time being - so can focus on getting everything ready today! Thanks for all the good wishes.
  • Fingers crossed for today!
  • Hope it all goes well today, Rosalie.
  • Hope your dad is okay, Rosalie. Best of luck for your signing - lots and lots of sales! Enjoy the day.
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    Dwight, my dad is OK, thanks. Or OK-ish, anyway. Likely to be in hosp for a few more days, but they have managed to treat the problem at least for the time being. No diagnosis yet though. I'll be zooming back up there soon.

    Sun is shining - good start to the day!
  • All the best with the book signing today. I hope that you sell lots of books.
  • Glad to hear that, Rosalie.
  • Thinking of you today - have a great time.
  • edited May 2011
    All the best for today, Rosalie. Hope you get lots of interest.

    Edit: 9:20 - just tweeted a plug!
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