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Article in my local paper today about my Kindle book.

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There's an article on the second page of my local newspaper today (West Sussex Times) about my Kindle book' Body Trapped' for teens and older, that was published last week.



  • Blimey, that sounds good. I don't have a Kindle, sorry.
  • I don't have a Kindle either, but you can download it onto your PC from Amazon, which is what I have done.
  • Great news, Kateyanne!
  • Nice one, i hope it does brilliantly on Kindle for you :)
  • that's such good news! Great publicity!
  • Well done, Kateyanne!
  • That's great publicity Kateyanne, well done.
  • Kateyanne that is so great. Good luck with the book too.
  • That's great Kateyanne. Always good to get bit of publicity. Hope that gets you loads of lovely sales.
  • Well done Kateyanne!
  • Great news. How exciting!
  • Well done and good luck with the book.
  • Thanks everyone.
  • Well done, Kateyanne, and best of luck from me too!
  • Well done
  • Well done and good luck with the book - sounds amazing.
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    Wonderful, Kateyanne !
    I just read the description of your book on Amazon and it sounds great- very similar themes to "Chloe" ?
    I shall either download it if I can or buy the book asap.
  • Thanks, you'll have to download it as there is no book, it's on Kindle, which as I said above you can download onto your PC if you don't have one.
  • I downloaded it and I really enjoyed it - very well written and pacy, quite gritty in places with a strong emotional resonance.
  • Thanks, Lou!
  • Congratulations, Kateyanne!
  • Press Releases now, KA - well done!
  • Great 'news' kateyanne.
  • kateyanne, I've just downloaded Body Trapped! Once I've read it, I'll write a review - looking forward to it.
  • Congratulations, Kateyanne - great stuff.
  • Congratulations on the great publicity.
  • Well done, Kateyanne! I hope it does well.
  • Congratulations!
  • congrats sounds good
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    Thanks everyone.
    Although it's a book for YA a lot of my friends and family have read it and say they enjoyed it.
  • Having heard folk say they can download a book on KIndle for SEVENTY PENCE, what is your cut? Doesn't sound as if you'll get rich with those prices. Best of luck for thousands of downloads.
  • And some give away their ebooks for free just to get people to read them.
  • I'm not expecting to get rich, Toothlight and I don't expect to sell many. But it was just languishing on my lap top and when I saw others on here were 'Kindling' I rather fancied having a go, just for fun. You never know a big film producer in the USA may see it and think oh this will make a great film :) A girl can dream...
  • You never know! Well done Kateyanne!
  • Just seen that my book Body Trapped is number 8,030 in the Ebook sales! Woo hoo I'm pleased with that, a little bit higher would be good.
    Anyone not bought it yet?

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