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Wow! Wow! I've won first prize in the Swanwick poetry comp ( again!)

edited May 2011 in - Writing Tales
Just had an email to say I have won first prize in the Swanwick Poetry Prize, with my poem called Nature Walk.
I win a poetry course ( I did the first one with WM 3 years ago, so hope i can do the advanced now, which I wanted to do but couldn't afford ) and two years subs renewal to WM! woo hoo!


  • Fantastic news! Congratulations :)
  • Excellent, kateyanne!

    Well done!
  • Brilliant Kateyanne, well done.
  • Many congratulations!
  • Smarty-pants. :D

  • Well done Katyanne poet laureate next stop
  • That's great news Katyanne. You must be so pleased.
  • That is so fantastic, Katyanne! A big "Very well done".
  • How wonderful! Well done!
  • Fantastic, Katyanne! Well done!!
  • Well done Kateyanne!
  • Excellent news, well done!
  • Winning once is great, but twice is just plain greedy! Well done you.
  • Wey-hey, Kateyanne; there's no keeping you down!
  • Well done, loved the homage to John Wayne on your blog too.
  • Wow - you are one talented lady! Hope you enjoy the course - not that you need it!!!
  • Well done! Fantastic news, and very well deserved.
  • Wow, congratulations Kateyanne!
  • Yes, one talented lady indeed. Well done you kateyanne.
  • congratulations
  • Yee-bloomin'-HAH!
    well done that woman yet again AND ... I think you may hold the record for 'Swanwick Winning Writing' (Montholon may be hot on your tail but I think you're one ahead - is this the third time?)
    I see you don't get a free trip to Swanners (WHY NOT!) but maybe that's not such a bad thing if the alternative is your Advanced Poetry Course which I know you've been wanting to do. AND you get WM free for a year - or is it two.
    Attagirl, KA!
  • Kateyanne you only went and won one of the few prizes out there that makes you feel and actually gives credence to poetry. Well done and wow back at ya.
  • Well done, Kateyanne. I hope you enjoy the prize.
  • Well done Kateyanne! :-)
  • Yes Ceka it's three firsts -two poetry 2008 and this year and one writing for children 2009.
    Trophies have to be given back after a year my son said it should be like the world cup and you keep it after 3 wins!
  • How wonderful, Kateyanne. Congratulations.
  • Congratulations thousandfold - your hard work is paying off - well done
  • Oh you brilliant person! That is SO impressive! Congratulations!
  • Terrific news, Kateyanne. Well done!
  • kateyanne - I think your son is right, you definitely deserve the trophy on your sideboard as a permanent fixture!
    You are an inspiration as you don't just sit back and think yippee I'm wonderful, that's three first prizes - you work harder and want to do an advanced poetry course and do even better. You go girl and well done :D enjoy your prizes, they are hard earned
  • Well done you! :)
  • Well done. :)
  • Congratulations, Kateyanne!
  • Brilliant news kateyanne; what a wonderful achievement - again!
  • Congratulations!
  • Whoop, whoop! Nicely done, Kateyanne.
  • Well done and I will see you there!!
  • I'm not going, Emma much as I would like to, just don't have the money. Shame they changed the first prize in a way, as it used to be a free week at Swanick, that's what i got last time I won the poetry and then again when I won the story for children. It still is a week there for the children comp. I hope you have a great time i know you will as I did.
  • Many congratulations on winning the first prize, Kateyanne. The prizes still sound very useful - even though you'd have preferred the week at Swanick.
  • Brilliant news, kateyanne. Well done!
  • Fabulous news, well done!
  • Aw!! Sorry kateyanne, I didn't realise it had changed the poetry winner. Well done on the win though! Hope it's still a fab prize!!
  • Brilliant! Congratulations kateyanne.
  • Well done, Kateyanne!
  • WOO HOO indeed !
    Well done, Kateyanne.
    Enjoy your prize x
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