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Who's In July 2011's WM/WN ?



  • I saw that ,may do it as I have so many dreams!
  • It would be great if TB's could help with her research.
  • Well done Lou!
  • Well done Lou - spotted you too :)

    I think WM should bring out a special issue just with TBers' work. Bet we could fill it between us, and with good stuff. (Only half-joking - Webbo?)
  • edited June 2011
    Short listed in the First Date short story in Writers' News. P20. It takes a while for my magazines to get here...
  • Well done, BG!
  • well done Bangkok girl.
  • Well done BG.
  • Congratulations BG! A good year for you so far!
  • Well done all in the mag.

    Lou, I liked the sound of your poem from the brief extract printed.
    I did also like the winning children's poems, especially the runner-up.
  • Well done, BG!
  • There's someone else mentioned in the mag who used to be on TB - anyone remember Josie (Henley-Einion)? I donl't think she she's been on here for a while so I hope she won't mind me mentioning her.
  • Congratulations BG! One of my friends was shortlisted as well.
  • pbwpbw
    edited June 2011
    Mine hasn't arrived yet. I think I'd better phone up 'cos I only renewed it during May.
  • edited June 2011
    Well done, Writebag, Bangkok Girl, Kateyanne, Lou and SallyJ. How did you get on the circuit to begin with, Writebag?
  • That's a good success rate for TB's this month. Well done all.
  • [quote=heather]I did also like the winning children's poems, especially the runner-up.[/quote]

    I really liked the winning poem - very cleverly done.
  • Me, much to my surprise, on the Letters page: Fuelling Kindle Flames.
    How lovely! Now I had better go and read the rest of the mag, which arrived today.
  • Well done, Bertiebear!
  • Congratulations, bertiebear!
  • Well done bb!
  • Well done Bertiebear.
  • Oh my goodness. I had looked through the mags and spotted Kateyanne, Lou, Mutley, and Sally. However I didn't know bertiebear's, writebag's and Bangkok Girl's real names. Congratulations to everyone.
  • [quote=Jay Mandal]How did you get on the circuit to begin with, Writebag?[/quote]

    Networking circuit? Some groups/associations I belong to have events. I now belong to the RNA and try to get to their talks and parties. I've also found that knowing fellow writers it means I get invited to book launches. Contacts just build up over the years, ou meet someone at writers evnet sucvh as Caerleon Writers Holiday and then say hello next time you meet.
    I do attend press events but not as much as I used to as I'm trying to find time to finish my novel. I do find that some people will read your name badge and then move on if you aren't an agent, publisher or someone who can further their career. Sad people!
    However, I've never found this with the RNA and the only person I've not heard of at their events is me!
    Above all have a good time in the company of people who love to write or work in the trade.
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    Webbo wrote on another thread: "At a late stage I took out Jane's reference to the Writer's Handbook as it is not quite as clear in helping to sort mainstream publishers from others - eg Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie listed straight after Pearson Educational!"

    On page 62 (of July's Writing Magazine), Jane Wenham-Jones suggests to the Talk It Over correspondent that she use The Writer's Handbook.

    I'm confused.
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