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I've won my first comp!!!!!

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Hi, I'm so excited!! In March this year I entered a writing comp, where the word limit was 100 words and the word crossword had to be in it. What I wrote about was, a young woman is doing a crossword and the clues (by coincidence) lead to her finding out that her partner is having an affair. She's talking about the clues, her partner is getting defensive and she starts to connect it together. I've won a three month subscription! :-)


  • Congratulations, Kangaroo - well done you!
  • Brilliant!
  • Excellent. Congratulations.
  • That's great well done, Kangaroo.
  • That sounds like a fun, clever little piece. No wonder you won! Congrats.
  • Congratulations - well done!
  • Hooray, all that in 100 words, brilliant! Congratulations, Kangaroo! Will we be able to read it anywhere?
  • Sounds like an excellent idea for a story - well done!
  • well done , could you make it into a longer story now? then resubmit it somewhere else, especially as you know it was worthy enough to win.
  • Kangaroo, well done! You clearly made every word count!
  • Well done! Sounds like a tough one to do in 100 words - and you did it!
  • Great news, Kanga.
  • That's fantastic, well done you!
  • Great news, Kangaroo! Well done :)
  • Congratulations! :)
  • Congratulations, Kangaroo!
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    That's brilliant Kangaroo, well done.
  • Great news, Kanga. Congratulations on the win and on the prize.
  • That's fantastic Kanga. I am so pleased for you. Congratulations. Please post the story so we can read it (as long as it is not covered by copyright problems)
  • Yay! Well done, Kanga! Sounds like a clever story idea that deserved to win.
  • Excellent! Well done!
  • Well done K!
  • Many congratulations.
  • Doesn't it give you a buzz!! Well done, and it makes up for all the disappointments which is the hallmarks of a writer.
  • Congrtatulations
  • well done, i bet your bouncing about...
    sorry had to do it >:)
  • Congratulations - Well done.
  • Kangaroo that's great especially as 100 words isn't that easy.

    Congratulations. :)
  • Woo, great stuff - congrats!
  • Quite a story to fit into 100 words. Congratulations.
  • That sounds like a difficult competition to win. Comps with word limits of 100 always are. Well done. Your entry sounds fab.
  • Great news-well done
  • Jump for Joy!
  • well done, Kangaroo, boing, boing, boing
  • Congratulations Kangaroo!
  • Thankyou everyone! I'm still stunned.... It's going to be published in the July issue of a Victorian magazine called Positive Words. I would have been on here yesterday, but I couldn't get to the site, there was an 'error' of some sort. If anyone is interested in submitting, here's the address:

    The Editor, Sandra James,
    P.O Box 798 Heathcote,
    3523 Victoria Australia.

    If you want your submission returned, include a stamped, self addressed envelope. If you want further information (not submissions) the email address is [email protected] They have o/s rates. The sort of things they accept are short stories, poems and fillers.

    Here's my entry:

    ‘Damn’ Nicki mutters to herself.
    ‘What’s up?’ asks Micheal, getting a glass out of the cupboard.
    ‘This crossword, it’s a tough one’
    ‘Ask me a clue’ He goes to the tap and turns on the water, filling the glass. He takes a sip.
    ‘The clue is heartbreaker, and it’s a five letter word starting with f’
    Micheal spits out the water, spraying the kitchen window. Droplets slide down.
    Nicki looks at him, seeing something different. He’s nervous, he can’t look her in
    the eye.
    ‘Are you okay? You’re pale.’ said Nicki.
    ‘Yes, I’m fine.’ He says quickly.
  • You're on the way up the ladder of success - well done
  • Well done!
  • I missed this too - well done.
  • :( I'm sure I should know, but, what was the five letter word Kangaroo?
  • Many congrats and good entry I can see why you won. I'm sure there will be more to come also. :)
  • Brilliant - was it 'Fiona' - his mistress?!! Just a guess!!
  • edited June 2011
    I guessed Fiona too. Could be fling, I suppose or even Frank!
  • Hi PM and Dora, the word was fling.
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