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Talkbackers talk about self-publishing an ebook

edited May 2011 in - Writing Tales
In a three part series, three authors talk candidly about their writing journeys, experiences and their strategies for self-publishing an ebook.

Covering three different markets, my first post is from Shirley Elmokadem (Kateyanne), author of Body Trapped, a YA novel.


This three part series will run for two weeks and I'll post the following two interviews at consecutive intervals.


  • I've just read Kateyanne's interview. Really interesting. And Body Trapped sounds brilliant.
  • ^^^ :)
  • Writing mag gets a plug!
  • Wonderful - bookmarking this for when I have to read and digest!
  • Excellent interview, kateyanne!
  • Thanks everyone.
  • A very interesting interview. It makes it sound like you've already written quite a few books, Shirley. :)

    How exotic that you lived in Cairo for a year. I actually thought it was a very crowded, noisy place (but not in a London kind of way).
  • Hi MM.
    Thanks. Yes Cairo is noisy, smelly and crowded but I love it. The people are so friendly.
  • It certainly is like stepping into another world. I loved Egypt. I went there on holiday last year on a Nile cruise.

    But then again, I love foreign cultures and languages and I've always loved Egyptian history as a child - the pyramids, the Pharaohs, the mummies. And they were so advanced for such an old civilization. Always wanted to learn how to read hieroglyphics.
  • [quote=claudia]bookmarking this for when I have to read and digest! [/quote]

    Have just done so. Interesting interview - I didn't know you'd written several books, Kateyanne - always thought of you exclusively as a poet.
    Very best of luck with Body Trapped.
  • The second post in the series is now live - Katie Stewart (aka Nena) talks about her crossover novel, Treespeaker.

  • Ooh - lovely - will have a read later!
  • The second post in the series is now live - Katie Stewart (aka Nena) talks about her crossover novel, Treespeaker.

    The post has been amended to include Katie's competition to win a free copy of Treespeaker.

  • I really enjoyed that interview. Thanks Tracy and Nena. Fingers crossed for lots of sales too.
  • How good to see an "old" Talkback name in such grand news.

    Good luck to all who enter Nena's competition. Treespeaker delivers entertaining surpises.
  • ^^^ :)
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