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Latest edition of WM now in app form

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The July edition of WM is now available to be downloaded as an app. We're very pleased that you can read us in digital as well as print formats; hope you enjoy the app as much as we do.


  • Such a great idea Webbo. I bet it looks fantastic on an iPad.
  • Thanks ST, it does look great! We've wanted an e-version for years - since long before iPads, but the advancing technology certainly makes it all very appealing. I never wanted an iPad until I saw our app!
    Am I right in thinking you've got one? If so, what do you use it for?
  • (Covering up one eye when he's in Pirate Mode/Mood)

    Do you have to have an iPad to read on-line version ... ?
  • No I haven't got an iPad, just an iPod touch. They are fantastic devices though. I'm still unsure about the use versus cost at the moment, not to mention the development of the Android tablets.
  • edited June 2011
    I'm in the same boat I think... Has anyone else got one?

    [EDIT] - Ceka, let me check that. I believe we have various formats available, but the only one I can see easily is for ipad.
  • I'm watching this space - would be great if we could download it to a PC
  • Okay, phew! I thought we did have it available for reading in the PC, but panicked when I realised I couldn't direct you to it with any confidence!

    On the page here: http://www.pocketmags.com/viewmagazine.aspx?titleid=567&title=Writing+Magazine
    the black "Available on the App Store" button takes you to buy the app for ipad etc, but the blue "Buy the latest issue now" link (underneath the mag cover) takes you to a version for your PC.
  • Thanks for the link Webbo.

    Interesting that the app price is £1.79, PC download £2.99 and annual PC sub £27.99.

    Might have to think about cancelling my paper sub and saving quite a bit of money.
    Webbo, does the online sub entitle you to enter the subscriber only comps?
  • Thanks Heather - the app is £1.79 and includes one issue, but subsequent issues are £2.99.
    I'm afraid for now the online sub does not allow you to enter subscriber only comps, purely for logistical reasons - but it's something we're hoping to be able to correct further down the line.
  • I suppose ordering back issues using the app would be instantaneous then? If so that could be a very useful and profitable feature.
  • [quote=SilentTony]I suppose ordering back issues using the app would be instantaneous then? If so that could be a very useful and profitable feature.[/quote]
    Hopefully so. It's been very frustrating recently that we haven't had hard copy back issues available for most months, so at least some people will be able to plug a few gaps.
    And yes, it should be instantaneous.
  • I have an iPad - brilliant for surfing the web, checking emails, playing music, reading newspapers, magazines, and ebooks on it. Not very good if you want to use it as a word processor for writing - the keys are too close together, so it's a case of two finger typing, but I use my laptop for that.
  • Ah, now this could be the perfect solution for someone like me who doesn't stay in one place long enough to have a normal subscription and something to definitely think about if I can only overcome my aversion to online reading.
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