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Profile Picture


Can anyone help me add my picture to my profile? When I copy and paste a link in, it doesn't seem to come up.

Thanks for your help,



  • Where is the picture located? Is it your own site?
  • Ahem, at the moment its just a boob shot :P
    Not complaining but, thought you might want to know!

    You might need to shrink the picture a bit and save it back to site.
  • Oh, I'm getting there - there is now a picture of my mouth on my profile. Great.
  • Lol, omg, I was trying to delete that before anyone saw!
  • Sorry about that - now a proper size pic has been added :)
  • That's better! Can see the full pic now :)
  • edited June 2011
    Where is it?

    Ah I see it :) Hello Nicola
  • [quote=dora]Ah I see it Hello Nicola[/quote]

    Hey there :) Good to be visible.
  • I am having trouble transferring my piccy from photobucket to TB if that is any consolation
  • What stage of the process are you getting to Woll?
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