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Have just made 130 little 'Anna and Chloe' cakes...

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... ready for the library launch event tomorrow evening.

Felt like an Apprentice contestant, especially when the first batch all ran over ths sides! But now have 120-ish acceptable ones, all ready to be iced in blue or yellow (the colours of the book cover) with an A or a C on each. For those of you who haven't read 'Coping with Chloe' (and why not? :)), Anna and Chloe are the twins. Blue is also Coventry's colour (come on, Sky Blues!), so that will be appropriate for my fellow author Ann Evans' book, 'Children's History of Coventry'.

Tomorrow evening, 6-8pm at Coventry Central Library, if anyone is near enough to make it. It's a ticketed event, but if you email or whispher me, I'll make sure you are able to get in.

Please wish us luck, anyway. We're having author talks, performances by local young people, questions from the audience, surprise guests, food and wine.

And it all has to finish for 8pm, as that's when the library closes for the night. Whew!


  • Wow sounds great wish I lived close by would come and support. Will wish you lots of luck even though you will be ok. So lots and lots of luck.
  • Good luck, Rosalie! Hope it goes brilliantly, I'm sure it will! My mouth is watering thinking of your cakes, what a great idea.
  • Lorra luck Rosalie, not that you need it, 'cos it'll go well.

  • Brilliant idea - can we have some virtual ones? Good luck and enjoy!
  • Wishing you luck Roslie
  • Sounds like another brilliant idea!
  • Well you certainly deserve success for all your hard work and innovative marketing ideas. Good luck!
  • Thanks, folks. Virtual cakes will be available on my blog tomorrow, I hope!
  • it's very exciting hope it goes well.
  • All the best for a very successful and fun evening.
  • Best wishes for a very good evening
  • Good luck for tomorrow evening, Rosalie. The cakes are a brilliant idea.
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    Help yourself to a cake:

  • Yum! :)
  • Oooh, thank you! I'd like a yellow one, please, they are very attractive looking.
  • Best of luck!
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    The cakes came out all different shapes and sizes, but at least this proves I didn't buy them from Tesco!

    Woke up early and have just rewritten my talk. Am bringing in Martin Amis and his 'brain damage' comment - and the reviewer's comment that no teacher could be as imaginative and caring as Miss Tough. Should get the teachers in the audience going :)

    OMG this is really happening and I'm scared!
  • You have no need to be, Rosalie! If the audience are talking then that will automatically spark replies in you. I know it will be brilliant because you have prepared well, and thought about it. All those replies are in your brain, ready flow. And you are meticulous. And interesting. and it's a brilliant book, with lots to say, and lots to ask about. Stop worrying. And if you can't, remember all those worry hormones make you better, not worse, at thinking on your feet!
  • Hope you're right!

    Thanks, Liz. :)
  • Those cakes look lovely!
  • The cakes look great. By the time you read this it will probably all be over and you will be on cloud nine and wonder why you ever worried about it all.
  • My virtual cake was delicious, thank you! I hope it went well - and I hope you gave Martin Amis a good kicking!
  • Wow! Can i have a blue one? :-) I hope its a fantastic success!
  • Hope it all goes really well, Rosalie. Enjoy!
  • Well it's been going half an hour so far.
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    Whew, it's over!

    My head is spinning and I'm not sure how it went, but everyone is telling me it went well. My publisher came up from London and said she really enjoyed seeing Anna and Chloe come alive in the girls' performance. They were really good! About 40 people came, and they asked lots of questions and bought quite a few books. Food and wine seemed to go down well, including the Anna & Chloe cakes. We gave most of what was left to the library staff (who were wonderful), so they will be feasting tomorrow!

    Thanks for al the good wishes and support.

    And yes, Lou, Mr Amis was well and truly kicked! :)
  • So glad to hear the evening went well Rosalie.
  • Oh dear, I didn't know book launches involved large scale cake making. Really pleased it went well.
  • I think in future I may leave the catering to someone else! Felt that there wasn't enough of me to go round last night, worrying setting out the food, the performers turning up, greeting people and chatting, giving the talk and clearing up. Too much for my little brain...
  • Sounds great, a little stressful but I'm sure these occasions always are and it sounds like it went down very well.
  • I think it did. The young performers were fabulous. It was a wonderful experience hearing my words performed in public and watching Anna and Chloe come alive. One of the children suggested we turned it into a film and offered to be the star! So if anyone knows any film producers...
  • I'm glad it went so well. Hope you can have a well deserved rest today.
  • 'Fraid not, Daisy - been up since 5am, trying to get everything done in time for the Wimbledon men's semis! Time to watch now...
  • Well done Rosalie. I have the semi`s on at the moment watching the other semi ( Not AM)
  • Glad it went so well. Are you doing an article about it?
  • Not sure yet, Jay. I know Ann is sending one to the Coventry Telegraph. Maybe WM/WN would be interested!
  • What a brilliant idea. Everyone likes cakes.
  • The cake is a lie! (No connection with Chloe by the way!)
  • A couple of pictures of the event can be seen on my blog at:


    Hoping for more pictures soon, but we need to get various permissions first.
  • I am glad it all went well, Rosalie. I would find that quite daunting so well done!
  • All good positive stuff. Well done!
  • Sounds brilliant, Rosalie. You do have good ideas for your promotions. Well done.
  • I suspect you are a publisher's dream, Rosalie!
  • Hmmm - well, I hope dream rather than nightmare! :)
  • Brilliant - you have great ideas to match your work. Well done!
  • Rosalie, you must be a dream for your publishers being so creative in your ways to promote your book.
  • Well done, Rosalie - love that idea of the coloured cakes...makes the even all the more memorable too!
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