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Competition closing today, but only 300 words and you can email.

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You may have something already that may fit the bill!
I saw this on a handout at Winchester conference. Write about something that happened in an exam and win £30 of Amazon vouchers.



  • Sent mine off!
  • Good luck!
  • Ta, and ta for the link too.

    Bashed it out and emailed it off - writing under pressure seemed appropriate to the theme!
  • Thanks for the info, I've sent one in too except I'd got another competition in mind and wrote 600 words by mistake, then had to trim but it's gone off now. Good luck BB.
  • Sent in an anecdote about a nightmare experience of mine. Thanks for the tip, Kateyanne.
  • Just had an email to say my 'story' is one of 10 that have been shortlisted.

    The final result is due tomorrow night!

  • Well done on being shortlisted BB, fingers crossed.
  • Mine's on the short list too. May the best Talkbacker win!
  • LOL! Good luck - the ten aren't all TBers, are they?
  • Well done montholon and good luck too.
  • All ten on the list are entered in a draw for the prize - gotta be in it to win it!
  • Oooh... well done both of you, what fun!
  • That's great good luck both!
  • Congrats you two and good luck !

    (I just saw this thread and was about to rustle off a quick 300 words... aw what a shame I shall have to write something else instead ;) )
  • Make that 3 TBers. I got that email too. Good luck all and thanks to Kateanne for posting. It got me back into writing mode after a break.
  • LOL, so three of us are entered in the draw? We can win those vouchers!
  • Well done Wordy and Good Luck to you too.:)
  • Good luck! Good luck! Good luck! (Is the winner going to share the prize?)
  • No, no, no!
  • So that's unanimous. ;)
  • Good luck... any news yet?
  • I don't think we will hear until tonight. With only ten names in the hat, there's a good chance a TBer will win. Seems strange to set a competition and choose a winner that way.
  • Good luck to you all. Three TBers out of ten, not bad.
  • Congratulations to Margaret Hookham for winning the prize draw and the vouchers. Anyone know her? She might be an unrecognised Talkbacker.
  • Don't recognise the name.
  • Ah, the prize was to be shortlisted - well done Margaret!
  • Congratulations to Margaret indeed. Her piece on being an invigilator certainly brought a smile to the face. As far as I am concerned even being short-listed was a bonus as I only spotted the comp with two hours to deadline so wrote my entry, edited it and submitted within that time scale. At least it encouraged me to start writing and submitting once again.
  • Congrats Margaret
  • Well done everybody! Getting shortlisted is a great achievement, especially in the short timescale!
  • See Wordy, you haven't lost it when you could do that in such a short time and be shortlisted as a result- so onward and upward. :)
  • In short, well done all!
  • Thanks. For me too it was good to write something at short notice and ship it off without pondering.

    Thanks to Kateyanne for letting us know.
  • Thanks BB. Glad to help :)
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