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The Infection - it is spreading!!!

edited July 2011 in - Writing Tales
The Infection Anthology, fifteen stories set in a post-pandemic world and in which two of my tales are included, has just been published as an ebook by Pantoum Press in the US for AmazonKindle- later to be available on Amazon in printed form.

If anyone fancies reading and reviewing the anthology for Amazon or Smashwords, I can give you a code to enter in Smashwords.com where you can download it for free (mind you, it's not a massive saving as it only costs three dollars!) and we would be ever so grateful for any reviews - long or short - as this will be really useful for pushing the print version. The Infection Anthology can be downloaded at smashwords.com for Kindle, pc, iphone or you can print it out.

Here is our website if you would like some more info http://www.theinfectionanthology.com/ If you click on 'Tales of the Infection' you get a little summary of each story.

My stories are not really gutsy-gory zombie tales - in fact, one is a love story 'The Long Engagement of Saoirse Boyle' (and no, she doesn't fall for a zombie!) The other is a tale of survival of a group of youths who literally 'Head for the Hills' to avoid becoming infected. It starts off in the nursery school where I work (well, loosely diguised, of course!) when a child comes back from Disneyland infected.

Just let me know if you would like the code. :)


  • Well done Seaview, congratulations on your inclusion.
  • All the very best of luck with the book Seaview - congratulations!
  • Sounds like a good antho and I really like the idea of your story Seaview. Best of luck with the reviews and hopes for the print edition.
  • Well done!
  • Well done Seaview!
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