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Competition success

edited July 2011 in - Writing Tales
Just had a phone call to tell me that my entry to the 2011 crime writing competition run by our local newspaper chain has won first prize, a Weekend Rover Ticket to the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival in Harrogate.

This competition is run annually 'to give budding writers the chance to flex their creative muscles' and gives the opening sentence of a story to be finished in no more than 300 words.

As the Festival starts on Thursday and my diary is already full for this weekend, I've asked for the prize to be deferred until 2012 and have been assured that this won't be a problem. Looking forward to it already!


  • A great prize, montholon, but a pity you were notified at such short notice. Good to hear they agreed to defer things until next year. A whole year to plan.
  • Well done!
  • Congratulations! Very short notice, as you say - glad that they have agreed to defer your prize.
  • Well done - enjoy the crime weekend but be careful that you don't get killed!
  • Just said well done on FB but will add it here too. Well done!
  • Excellent!
  • You clever thing! Congratulations!
  • Congratulations and I agree a brilliant prize.
  • Well done you ! Enjoy your prize !
  • Good news-well done and something to look forward to as well ;)
  • well done!
  • Brilliant news, well done Montholon.
  • Wow, Maggie that's excellent. Can you go to the Old Peculier? It's got a good reputation.
    And I know I'm right in saying you've something ELSE to be telling us about ....
  • Fantastic, Monty. Big well done from me - and what a fabulous prize!
  • Well done! It is a great prize.
  • Thanks, everyone. It's great to know that I have your support. Ceka, I'm glad you enjoyed my exam story, which certainly put me into a cold sweat at the time. Not sure, though, what else I should be telling you about? Perhaps you could drop me a hint?
  • That's fantastic news. Well done.
  • Wow, congratulations Montholon. And what a superb prize!
  • Congratulations - great news
  • Congratulations! Good idea to ask for your prize to be deferred. You could go there with next year's winner, if they do the competition again!
  • But what if you win again next year? :)
  • Great news, Montholon. What was your opening sentence? And better still, what sentence did you follow it with?
  • Excellent news. I only tried crime writing once, and had to submit the opening 300 words for a workshop on the topic at the Winchester Writers Conference, one year. Luckily for me the tutor did not name the authors of the pieces she read out to comment on. I mentally cringed when she concluded I really hadn't a clue how to write crime! Have never tried since.
  • Well done, Montholon!
  • great , at least you have something to look forward to next year. Well done.
  • Thanks again, everyone. Jay, I shan't enter the competition next year - wouldn't want to be thought greedy.

    Dwight, the opening sentence was: She was not snobbish or houseproud but too much blood on the Axminster was more than she could take. (I can see a couple of flaws there, but I thought it undiplomatic to correct them!)

    I don't think I'd better post my winning entry until it's appeared in the newspaper (maybe this Friday), but I'll let you see it after that.
  • The exam story was the one I was talking about, I hadn't seen you mention it elsewhere. At least one other TBite has also been shortlisted in that comp
  • Ah, yes. Nobody seems to know whether the eventual winner, chosen by 'prize draw' apparently, is a Talkbacker or not.
  • Congratulations Montholon!
  • well done.
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