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Im officially a trainee Bard!

Hi all,

I've toyed with training to be a Bard (storyteller) for quite a while now. I did my first paying gig last year after the Caerleon writers holiday, but wasnt able to follow it up due to illness and other things getting in the way.

I began the course on 1st August and already it is changing the way I think about writing. Im plotting my progress (or lack of it on occasion) on my blog and have just put up the first post 'Walking in Taliesin's shoes'. The link is here if anyone wants to follow it.


all the best

pp x


  • Well done PP.
    There are a group of storytellers in Nottingham that are very popular- one of the writers' clkub members belongs to them.
  • Well done, PP - keeping the oral tradition going is important. I didn't know it involved training, but I am rather glad it does.
    Here's to the next paying gig!
  • Ooh, that sounds interesting!
  • Wow! Good luck!
  • I read your blog post with great interest - fascinating, and inspiring. All the best of luck with this.
  • Thanks for the good wishes and the comments on my blog. Im now working on memory techniques :-)
  • Sounds great, pp. Have you heard of John Rice? He's a great advocate of story-telling etc. He's one of the poets in my poetry group. He does a lot of stuff in Sedburgh? Which is where or near where he lives, and i really enjoy seeing stuff he does. If he does any classes or workshops I'd definitely recommend going to them. If you live near enough.
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