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Where do you promote?

edited August 2011 in - Writing Tales
I've been a member on Goodreads for ages, but haven't used it because I felt it was too big (and daunting), my few responses were ignored and I couldn't work it out effectively.
But a couple of days ago I searched through the groups to find one that would suit me (I found a few!), and joined. My followers on my blog and Twitter have risen, and I know I've sold a few books on the back of GR.

Goodreads is my new BFF!


My other brilliant promotion forums are: Amazon.co.uk AND Amazon.com
KDP: http://forums.kindledirectpublishing.com/kdpforums/forumindex.jspa
All time favourite Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/louise_wise
Facebook not so much, and believe it or not Daily Mail forum (femail).

How about you? Can we swap ideas here?


  • Don't forget to mention these on the Sticky "Useful websites" thread if they're not there already.
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