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It is a challenge!

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I joined the Short Story Group from this website and am really enjoying it.
At first I found it a bit of struggle due to medical problems but I have managed to do more than I expected myself to do. I have written a story and edited it for September but need to add a bit more to it. It was a challenge that I think I have passed!
It is certainly helping me out with more experience of writing!


  • Good to hear the group is benefiting you, Alana.
  • Hooray for Dora!
  • I have also enjoyed the group and i am slowly learning what makes a good story. It's a shame i didn't use any of it in the last piece i submited. I don't feel very confident now.
  • Never mind, Amanda - you'll be able to put it to use next time round. Take confidence from the fact that you have learned from the feedback. It's when someone is stubborn and refuses to accept other peoples' exerience and judgement that there's a problem. You have the right attutude. Onward and upward!
  • That's good news. And well done Dora.
  • Yes, an excellent idea put into practice.
  • edited August 2011
    I forgot to enter that I thank you Dora for the opportunity!
    And Amanda don't worry, I am not a published writer so I know how hard it can be. It just takes time to learn and that is what both of us are doing!
  • [quote=Jay Mandal]Hooray for Dora! [/quote]

    Hooray for everyone who has joined the group, for everyone who has sent in a story, for everyone who has reviewed.

    Without people doing this, there would be no group, and I wouldn't have anyone to read/review my work on a regular basis. So, hooray for all who've joined and participated so far.

    Alana, I'm glad you're happy with it to date. :)

    Amanda, it IS hard being a writer, whatever stage you're at along the journey, receiving a crit about your work. Yet I second Anna's comment, you have the right attitude. Remembering my early experiences of receiving crit, I can understand why you say you don't feel very confident. I am sure that if you continue with your focus on what makes a good story, and by writing regularly, you will notice those worries diminish.
  • Another angle on this - for me - is that it feels good to be reviewing someone else's work.
    There have been times when I've felt very selfish, spending so much time writing, rather than 'being out there' saving the planet, but doing something for someone else, in a writing context, has alleviated the guilt.

    (My, what a lorra, lorra commas!)
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