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Finalist in the BritWriters Awards



  • Thanks Nena yes I was just thrilled to make the final 5 I found out there were 5,000 entries in the children's books alone.
    As well as meeting Tom I also met Robert Pattinson, Nicole Kidman, Posh and Becks, JohnTravolta, Morgan Freeman, Prince Charles, Lady Di, Queen Victoria...
  • but the most important one of all my hero John Wayne!
  • I don't suppose you shook his hand - it would probably have fallen off! (I'd forgotten when the awards were held till you mentioned the other guests!)
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    A HUGE round of applause for KA
    Beaten off 4,999 (or maybe that should read 4,998!?) others in her category
    Raised her profile
    ... and sneaked into the subconsciouses of several agents and publishers who were undoubtedly lurking at the event
    Met ... erm ... several rather stiff celebrities
    had a good and well deserved night out!

    Ra Ra Ra KateyAnne

    :) :) :)
  • Glad to hear you had a great evening even if you didn't win - the exposure is fantastic.
    You had me as well for a minute there with that Tom Cruise comment! :)
  • So glad you had a good time and got so close. Onwards and upwards for kateyanne!!
  • [quote=kateyanne]make the final 5 I found out there were 5,000 entries [/quote]

    Kateyanne, even if you didn't win first place, being in the final five is a major achievement.

    I am so pleased for you and I'm glad you had a lovely evening.
  • Thanks all.
    if you want to see a photo of me and Tom look at my blog.
  • Bad luck, kateyanne, but great that you got so far anyway and had a good evening.
  • I tried to leave a comment, but it all got too complicated with the site asking for e-mails and passwords which I don't have... sorry.
  • I get that problem with some blogs too.
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    I hardly ever attempt to leave comments on sites because they make it so complicated. I wish they'd just let you leave the comment with the option to delete if it's unsuitable.

    edited to say I'm not moaning at you, kateyanne!
  • It sounds like you had a great night.
    And getting to the top 5 out of that many is a great achievement, be proud.
  • Well done you guys. A terrific achievement.
  • I've only just seen this thread, well done Kateyanne. Did you get to walk on a red carpet? It sounds fab, you're reminding us all that it is worth finishing, polishing and entering our work. Glad you had a good time
  • Yes, what a night, what an experience!
  • Hi Kateyanne... and everyone..

    Just got back from travels to london!

    Sorry we didn't meet up but actually I just didn't know who you were ? Which was your story?

    It was a nice evening and we met some lovely people.

    I did win my category, which was a complete surprise, I was the one that said I thought the best thing I'd get that day was a prawn sandwich...duh... so glad my mum wasn't there to hear me waffling!
  • Hi Kateyanne... and everyone.. Just got back from travels to london! Sorry we didn't meet up but actually I just didn't know who you were ? Which was your story?
    And yes it was a nice evening and we met some lovely people.
    I did win my category, which was a complete surprise, I was the one that said I thought the best thing I'd get that day was a prawn sandwich...duh... so glad my mum wasn't there to hear me waffling!
  • sorry don't know quite know how I managed to post that twice!
  • Hi Pamela.
    I wondered if that was you who had won the short story category, wasn't sure if Pamela was your real name. Well done!
    Did you get the BritWriters free book, Write Now? I am in there under the children's book category, my book is called The Treasure of the Urn.
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    Hi Kateyanne I did, I'll look it up now..

    I should think it might have some considerable clout now its been short-listed in the Britwiters... good luck with it!
  • Well done Pamela, that's a brilliant addition to your writing CV.
  • Hey that's fantastic news, Pamela - many congratulations!!
  • Brilliant Pamela.
  • Well done Pamela and Kateyanne. Your'e both amazing.
  • Fantastic news Pamela - very well done.
  • Well done to both Ladies on your achievements.
  • Well done to you both, be proud of yourselves.
  • Thank-you... that's really nice to have so many people sending congrats...

    Kateyanne, a question about our stories... but do we still have copyright do you know - I was thinking I'd send mine off to Radio 4 ??? I actually wrote it with them in mind in the first place, but veered off at the last minute.
  • I stand by my earlier comments: very well done, and be proud of yourself.Can you please give just a few details about the competition as I know nothing? I am-almost-in a similar situation. Having lived in Cheshire most of my working life, I was able to enter the Cheshire Prize for Literature, and this year it was short story (1500 words max) for children, 7-14 years.
    I have been invited to the awards ceremony at Chester University on Nov 3rd, and I took it that I was one of the 'also rans,' and they just wanted numbers to make a good night. I phoned to learn that even the short list will not be known until that evening as well as the three prize winners (winner gets £2000). The winners plus the short list go into an anthology to be launched next year. If Chester was down the road I would go, BUT to travel that distance and back, having possibly learned I wasn't even shortlisted........ am having to think hard.
  • Perhaps they didn't have as many entries as they hoped, toothlight.
    How far away is it from you?
  • Goodness how strange.If they don't let out the short list until the night what do they do if the person isn't there? Or do they decide on the short list based on who buys a ticket??

    I too have entered that comp and got a letter not exactly inviting me but saying you may like to keep this night free... bla bla.. I'd thought like you, so I'm an also ran. Don't know what to make of it really though. I take your point, it's a bit much to expect people to go on speck, I certainly shan't, the cost alone is prohibitive.
  • Pamela, they are not going to publish the finalists are they, only the winner so I doubt there is a problem?
  • That's good news then Kateyanne... I'll try and find a home for it.
  • Well done kateyanne and pamela - you have both done brilliantly! Glad it was a good night and sounds a lot better organised this year - great venue, too. Congratulations!
  • Perhaps they realised that they had lost a lot of support after last year's issues and the other item that caused WN/WM to withdraw their links to it.
    If it made them rethink, then good, it seems to have worked this time.
  • Well done, Pamela
    And KA again

    Which bit of Cheshire, Too Slight?
  • @kateyanne
    Not sure if you have read your blog but I am posting here as well. What age was your book aimed at? What is the word count (if finished or proposed)? Hearing SO much about why we should part with hundreds of pounds to pay for an editor, did you? Are you proposing to try an agent then a publisher, or are you thinking of the self-publishing route? I have begun to download details for 2012, which are interesting, especially the use of Ariel as the font, as I use the most accepted, ie Times Roman, though that should not be a problem. As the Kindle/e-book format is gaining pace, with good publicity, you could create good sales there, and bypass greedy agents and publishers....just a thought.
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    Hi Toothlight oops no must go and read my blog.
    My book that was in the BritWriters is for age 8-11 and 30,000 words. I have sent it to a few agents and publishers no joy so far, but I must send it to a few more, thing is I am busy writing my next one.
    I have put my YA book Body Trapped on Kindle, I had an agent for that one but sadly no takers. It has sold a few copies but I won't be planning my world cruise yet :)
    My ebook of Egyptian cookery has sold more!
    I shall keep plodding on and may well put another book on Kindle.
    I am entering BritWriters again with the book I am writing at present and possibly some poems this time shame we have to pay this time :(
    Best of luck if you are entering.
  • @kateyanne
    I noted the overall winner was a children's book and, from the title, got the impression it was a picture book. Do you know what age it targetted? DID you use the services of an editorial agency like Cornerstones, or rely on your gut feelings?
    The best advice I got from Debbie Alper at the 'Getting Published' event was, never mind what you are told about changing your story, go with your gut feeling: you are probably right!
  • Yes it was a book of 800 words for younger readers, not sure exactly what age, but it should be out soon so we will see. Last year's winning book was published in a couple of weeks of the event.
    I used Cornerstones once for another book, as I was shortlisted in their competition in 2009 and was offered a cheaper critique. I thought it was excellent and will certainly do the same again when I have the money. Yes I'd agree with that, take into account what people say, but in the end go with your gut feeling.
  • Last year's winner was Catherine Cooper with 'The Golden Acorn.' Having won £10,000, one would have thought she'd have been snapped up by the major publishers or at least the smaller ones. In fact she published it via Pengridion Books, which I assume she set up as she is the only author listed. Later books are via Infinite Ideas Ltd, which is basically an author, money supporting, publishers. May I make clear I am NOT knocking the lady or her books, but just-sadly-showing that even winning such a prestigious event will not open that magical door to a major/minor publisher. The many +ve critiques posted on Amazon. co.uk suggests her sales are pretty good....but bet she's glad she won that £10K!
  • She was already self published when she won, toothlight. Her prize was to be published further by Infinite Ideas. So she never got the chance to be snapped up by major publishers after she won, which is sort of a shame really. But great publicity - and as you say, the £10K!
  • Interesting, Lou. Does that mean this year's winner will also be published by Infinite Ideas, and will they foot the whole bill, or expect an author contribution? I ask this because at the 'Getting Published' event we had a talk by the MD of Matador Publishing. Although an author contributing,like Infinite, they also claim to have a sales and marketing team,with access to good publicity. Matador have been going for ages, but have never seen ANYTHING about Infinite on websites or writing mags. Do you have any knowledge on them?
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSxJDmqd9nk

    if you look carefully you can see me about 1 min 40 secs in sitting at table
  • HAHAHAHA! what was in that glass?
    well done again, KA
  • Red wine :)
  • I can't play it, when you click on it to play it says 'This video has been removed by the user'.
  • Yes it has now I see but I expect it will be back soon.
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