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How much to charge?

edited September 2011 in Writing
I'm sure this subject has been covered somewhere here before, but I can't find it. Does anyone here charge for author school visits? And if so, how much do you usually charge?
The SOA recommend £250 per full day and £150 per half day. Is that the going rate?


  • I know Rosalie has done school visits.
  • I haven't done a paid one yet! The one I did was done for free, as it was my first.

    The SoA rates are the going rates, and I know children's authors who charge them. Many authors feel that one should not do it for less, on principle. But you could always say it was your first one (if it is) and offer a lower rate on this basis.
  • Thanks so much Rosalie and Carol! I didn't realise that authors charged for doing school visits, but apparently they do.
  • Yes Midia.
    After all there is a lot of preparation needed even for half a day, plus travelling to get to the school and so on.
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