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Create a baddie for children's book week



  • Thanks very much webbo and everyone, this has made me smile :-) I really enjoyed this little challenge and I'll try my best to flesh it out a bit. It will be a welcome break from essay writing. Well done Phot's Moll too, I love that shadow idea of yours, think I might start blaming Shadow when I forget to set the dishwasher off. Do you think my husband would buy that excuse?
  • Well done Phot's Moll and RainbowLou - look forward to reading your stories.
  • Ooh, thanks! There were so many really good baddies (if you see what I mean) that I'm surprised mine was one of those picked. I don't usually write children's stories, but I'll have a go at expending my idea and seeing where it goes.

    Well dome, RainbowLou - I really liked your idea and look forward to seeing what you come up with.
  • Well done both, look forward to reading your entries........soon.
  • I only just got round to reading these - some excellent baddies there! Look forward to reading the winning entries :)
  • Well done to the winners - I enjoyed reading these! =)
  • Congratulations to the winners, Phot's Moll and RainbowLou and to all of you for such a terrific range of ideas! I just saw the announcement on twitter.
  • Congrats to Rainbow Lou and Phot's Moll!
  • I started writing about The Shadow ... but things got out of hand and I think it might become a novel. I've done a first chapter which I don't mind sharing - should I email it to you, Webbo?
  • Ooh how exciting. Yes please PM, or whisper it to me here.
  • How did I miss this thread! Darn it, but at least I've got an exciting thread to read!
  • I've emailed it, Webbo - hope it arrived OK?
  • Can't wait to read your stories, PM and RL! Exciting stuff!! :D
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