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Looking for writer who is a keen motorcyclist.

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Hope it's ok to post this here.

We are looking for a UK based writer who is also a keen motorcyclist. This will be for a blog on our website. We will require articles on a regular basis. The articles can be on any aspect of motorcycling and preferably cover a whole range of areas from descriptions of weekend excursions to mechanical tips to opinions on current issues concerning motorcycling, anything really, related to motorbikes.

In return we offer regular work and regular pay.

If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please send me a message.

Or if you have any suggestions where we might find a writer-motorcyclist, that would be appreciated.



  • Hi Mike,

    A slight sideways move but I live in France and although i am not a biker myself i wonder if there is such an ex-pat person who may be of interest to you. There are various forums where you could ask, the two most popular being: Anglo Info (the only issue with this is the forums are divided into regions so you may need to post in more than one region - or perhaps you would like to compare regions anyway? The Limousin forum and the more southern forums seem very active) and the other popular forum being Total France. There are also english speaking newspapers for the Limousin region 'The Bugle' and 'Creuse News' where i am sure you could get some response and probably some publicity. There is a large biking scene here (i only know this as a friend goes to rally's all the time where they have bands and spend the weekends getting muddy in tents!) so i am sure you could find another angle.

    I must point out that i am nothing at all to do with any of these forums or papers it was just a thought (i hope it is alright to mention the above things here).

    Good luck with your search, sounds like a good job for someone!
  • Thanks everyone for your responses.

    Amanda - thanks for your suggestions, but it does really need to be a UK based writer-biker so that the articles are authentic and relevent to a UK audience.

    Betsie - excellent, i'll be getting in touch with Syd for a chat.

    Jonathan - yes this is a genuine search for a writer that motorcycles, nothing else. I might take you up on the offer of an advert in your print mag if I haven't had any success by then.

  • Mike, I know a writer who's also a keen motocyclist. He usually writes fiction, but I'll mention this to him and see if he might be interested.
  • I could well be your man, Mike! (E-mail reply sent)

    Been around the bike world for 37years now, but still raring to roll...
  • wonder if there will be an article on crash helmets :)
  • Hmm... I'll put the lid on that one, I think... ;-)
  • Hi Mike, did you ever find anyone to fill your post? As a full-time writer, a highly qualified engineer and a lifelong biker, it could be perfect for me!
  • edited January 2012
    Mike never got back to us, Dougie. He hasn't visited Talkback since mid October.
  • I reckon he motor biked off into the sunset, n'ere to be seen again.
  • ... or maybe didn't 'put the lid on' as suggested and came acropper ?
  • Oooh "shudders" don't say that

    I know a keeen motorcyclist and I wouldn't wish that on anyone

    plus I know too many people who've been hurt 'cos of bikes

    "shudders some more"
  • Don't. My son cycles in Bristol without his helmet. He won't admit to it, but has been seen. We don't know what to do.
  • Superglue, Liz! ?
  • edited January 2012
    Dougie, you're wasting your time, old chap - he was a one-TB-hit wonder, never been seen since this post - he even e-mailed me privately with an offer...then welched on it; didn't even have the decency to reply to my e-mail back, nor on here... A waster, I believe...

    (For your info', my background began with motorcycle & car publications, some years back - still doing some, too - so you'd think I'd've been in with a chance? It seems not enough...)
  • [quote= Phots Moll]Superglue, Liz! ? [/quote]

    Aha, a chance to quote the new you!

    We have lent him his dad's bike. So I emailed him today to say that he has been seen riding without a helmet, we are very concerned about this, and asking if he would like the choice of a season bus ticket instead of use of the bike. It's his choice now.
  • How bizarre!! There are certainly some strange folk about.......
  • Couldn't agree more, Dougie.
  • Me bizarre, Dougie? Or Mike000? :-P
  • Mike000.... not you!!! :-D
  • Actually, Dougie - I used to use the word 'Bizarre' as a pen-name...but the Editor of Back Street Heroes magazine had other ideas & muted it to Bazza... (miserably mutated monicker...)
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