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edited October 2011 in Writing
Would love your comments on my blog: http://louisewise.blogspot.com/2011/10/comments-wanted-how-to-beat.html

I'd like to know how you beat time wasting (a bit like this really!!)


  • Duw,Duw, time wasting. Theres nothing like a good procrastinat, after a hard days work.
  • The thing I find difficult with procrastination, and be prepared for a lenghthy read here, is that...oh look a bird is on my lawn...
  • Nutters. :)
  • Procrastination? No - leave that until tomorrow...or maybe next weekend... ;-)
  • or even next yr ... there's always plenty of time ...
  • I"ve had two weeks off writing, Stan, but am pleased to say I"m gerring back into it again.
  • Pleased to hear that.
  • That I've had two weeks off?

    Well, you know how it is.
  • Procrastination? What's that? I don't have the time!

    Procrastination only becomes procrastination when YOU let it.
  • Yes, and that now you are back to writing. Is it half-term next week in your area? If so, you won't do much writing next week.
  • I work around my boys Stan.

    Some of my work is done by hand, if we go out somewhere and I get a sit down with a cuppa somewhere. And I like to stay up late, when they've gorn to bed.

    doesn't take me long to rattle off 1,000 words anyhow.
  • All the best with your writing next week!
  • And yours Stan.

    and your non procrastination activities, Red, good luck with that too.
  • Thanks! The immediate problem is recharging my car battery which has gone dead while I've been away.
  • Aww, did it pine for you Stan?
  • Probably!
  • You two have got it down to a fine art I must say.
  • My cousin was Monet!
  • Is that the one with a bonnet?

    I've put off going to bed for long enough

    I'm going now.
  • BUT I've just arrived....
  • yes i can see, you OWN that stage Stan

    oooer, sorry, X factor lurgi getting to me

    ... sorry dear
  • Can't get started today...
  • Took me a while to get to this fred...
  • Are you still here talking to fred?
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