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Who's In December 2011's magazines due out shortly



  • Congrats to all who appeared. I had a skim through last night, but there is a lot to read this month. Good to get insider info, particularly about things where I have no experience - beats going in cold. So well done Jonathan - a very good issue.
  • It's great to have some in-depth articles- like the self-publishing items this month.
  • Congrats Bangkok Girl!
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    There was no 'you're welcome' button!
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    I have a letter in the new *Writers' Forum.

    *other writing magazines are available.
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    I can't see that mag anywhere. Can only just find WMag.

    My branch of Sainsbury don't sell either, too busy filling their shelves with mags that headline things such as "I slept with my brother's uncle's fiancee's auntie's sister's mother's daughter's dad's best friend's father christmas' the rinky tink panther dogs biscuits last night" type of rubbish

    to make enough room for Writing Magazine and the like.
  • You can get Writers Forum in WH Smith, Dora. But subscribers to WF get their issue a few days earlier than the shops.

    Saw your letter BB, well done.
  • [quote=Baggy Books]*other writing magazines are better.[/quote]
    I've corrected that for you BB - ;)
  • [quote=Webbo]Let me send you a free subscription to our magazine, Baggy - to prove it.[/quote]

    Oh yes! Thank you!
  • Eh?

    You what?

    Did that really happen?
  • If it's on here, then yes - of course.

  • Oh right.

    I've got three heads three legs and one big bosom.
  • I have three heads too, one leg and one small bosom.
  • We should meet up in t'pub, and wow the locals.
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    well done to TBers who are in the Dec mag.
  • [quote=Baggy Books]I have a letter in the new *Writers' Forum.[/quote]

    Read it today while I was in in Smiffs.

    Congratulations. :)

    You know if you don't want your moleskin book you can always donate it to charity shop.
  • Well done to Lily, Malcolm, Kateyanne, Viv, SallyJ, Toothlight, Lou, Bangkok Girl, Casey and Jan (Godfrey)! I'm looking forward to reading everything.
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